What You Should Know About Kitchen Faucets

The faucet is one of the most frequently used accessories in a kitchen. According to KWC, a renowned faucet manufacturer, an average family turns the kitchen faucet at least 40 times in a single day. Whether they are rinsing greens, washing utensils or filling a glass of water, the faucet remains a vital accessory in the kitchen. Currently, kitchen faucets come in different designs and models. Whether you are upgrading your current faucet or you want to install a new one, you need to consider various factors, to ensure you purchase the best kitchen faucets.

Repair and Installation

Before buying a kitchen faucet, you need to ask yourself whether you will hire a professional plumber or you will be doing the installation yourself. Most of the current kitchen faucets are designed in a way that anyone can install them, as long as they have the right tools.

However, if you feel that you are not 100% up for the job, then it’s always advised to hire a professional. It’s also important to consider the ease and cost of repair. As much as you might want to install a sophisticated faucet in your kitchen, what will happen when it breaks down? Can you find someone with the skills to repair it? Are repair parts available for the faucet? Can you fix the issue on your own? If the parts are not readily available locally or you have to pay someone to repair it, then the faucet will cost almost double the initial price.

Your Sink

If you are upgrading your faucet, then it’s important to think about its compatibility with your kitchen sink. In short, ensure its number of holes match what is on the kitchen sink. For instance, most traditional kitchen sinks that have hot and cold water taps, usually require three holes, which will accommodate the spout and the tap. Also, an extra fourth hole might be needed to cater for the sprayer. You might also encounter one-piece faucets, which only need one hole for the handle plus an additional hole to accommodate the sprayer. The single hole kitchen faucet remains one of the most popular around the globe. Most people prefer it since it’s easy to operate and maintain. However, if it’s a new installation, then you can work with any number of holes, without any limitations.

The Handle

Most kitchen faucets come with a single handle, which swivels in a different direction, depending on the water temperature that you want to use. For a one-piece faucet, you will get handles on either side of the faucet unit. One-handle faucets are easier to use and maintain, as compared to those with several handles. It’s also advisable to opt for a faucet with a lever handle since you can easily turn it on or off even with your elbows, especially when your hands are soapy or greasy. Also, lever taps can accommodate a wide range of users, including those with any physical disability. Some levers come with touch sensors, thus preventing accumulation of dirt. You will come across various types of handles in any kitchen faucet guide. Therefore, take your time to choose the model that suits your needs and preferences.

The Water Filtration System

The majority of modern kitchen faucets come with an inbuilt water filtration system, which allows you to obtain clean and filtered water. Water filtration helps to remove dirt as well as pathogens, which might have bypassed the municipal water filtration system. Therefore, ensure you get a kitchen faucet that can accommodate a filtration system. Also, it’s important to check the water lines supplying your home. Before purchasing a faucet, check the size of the water supply lines and then shop accordingly. As much as you can attach lines of different sizes, you will end up spending more money purchasing the additional components. Therefore, ensure you choose the appropriate size.

The Finish

As much as the finish is merely for aesthetics, it’s also an important consideration when purchasing kitchen faucets. It’s advisable to choose a finish that matches the rest of the accessories such as the soap dispenser, the air gap, as well as the sinkhole. For instance, purchasing a faucet with a shiny chrome finish will appear out of place, especially if the rest of the accessories are dull.

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