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Unique Flooring Types for Kitchens

It wasn’t long ago when choosing kitchen flooring was usually between tile and wood. These traditional choices are still favorites of many flooring enthusiasts, however, with advances in the home improvement sector, there are plenty of kitchen flooring options to choose from. Before you decide on any one type of flooring, be sure to take a look at all the options available.

A kitchen is usually a place in the house where the entire family gathers in an informal setting to eat food, talk, and share time together. This room, therefore, should be warm, cozy, and be inviting for your family. There is no better way to achieve this than with unique flooring that transforms your kitchen and yet maintains its functionality.

Let us see a few unique flooring types for kitchens that you can choose from. These flooring types are not very expensive and yet are extremely durable.


wood kitchen flooring

Wooden flooring is usually finished with wax and oil to make it look antique and weathered. This traditional method of treating wooden floors is often less durable and requires regular maintenance. To avoid this hassle, you could opt for pretreated wood that is available with a sealer like polyurethane. Factory pretreated wood means less expense, in the long run, less smell during maintenance, and less mess with regular treatment. Polyurethane floors don’t need waxing and oiling, and instead, can be cleaned with a mop and broom. These pretreated wooden floors come in Maple cherry, Oak, Brazilian cherry, and Pine and they are moisture-resistant and extremely durable.


concrete flooring kitchen

Concrete has slowly gained popularity over the past two decades. Concrete has a contemporary look and feels to it that works well in modern homes. Most busy kitchens that see a lot of activity can withstand the heavy activity and constant movement with concrete flooring. You can customize it with finishes like stenciled, waxed, polished, and stained. Concrete flooring can also be stamped if freshly poured to give you a modern look. The benefit of concrete flooring is that it is durable, moisture resistant, versatile, and contemporary. Another is that you could add floor heating beneath the concrete to warm the flooring. The drawback of a concrete floor could be that it might need resealing after a time and could stain.


cork flooring kitchen

Cork flooring is an excellent insulator against noise and temperature changes. Naturally obtained, cork flooring has a unique texture and a padded feeling. It is naturally anti-microbial and repels pests and insects. It is also one of the cheapest floorings available. While choosing cork flooring, always ensure that it can be easily sanded and refinished to get the best look and feel. Invest in cork flooring that is water and moisture resistant and has a durable finish. If you don’t want the hassle of continually redoing the entire floor and instead opt for cork tiling, then purchase additional tiles so that they can be easily replaced in case of wear and tear. One drawback of cork flooring is that it is highly susceptible to denting and scratching.


stone flooring kitchen

Many homeowners love the earthy, unique look that stone flooring offers. Available in plenty of patterns and colors, the most popular stone kitchen flooring is travertine, marble, and slate. Stone flooring has the property of being cooler than another flooring. This makes it extremely useful in hotter regions. If you want stone flooring in colder climates, you could consider radiant heat below to keep your kitchen warmer than average. One important thing to remember while selecting stone tiles is to ensure each piece is thoroughly inspected since stone can be damaged during transport and installation.


tile flooring kitchen

Tile is a popular flooring used in many kitchens. Usually added for the dramatic look it gives a drab kitchen, tile is durable and easy to clean and maintain in the long term. Tile patterns can be of various types with a range of colors and textures to suit your individual tastes and preferences. You can use tile flooring to increase the sense of space in your kitchen or to decrease it based on the design of the tile chosen. Cheapest, tile floorings should be installed by professionals by keeping the grout lines as thin as possible for ease of cleaning, maintenance, and hygiene.

With the variety of kitchen flooring available today, you can select one that gives your kitchen an excellent, classy look. No matter what type of flooring you choose, always select kitchen flooring that is special to you and your family and invites an atmosphere of warmth and cozy comfort.

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