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June 27, 2019

Top Interior Furniture Trends of 2019

Furniture can make or break a space, and every year, there are new, exciting trends to follow. The right piece of furniture can help a room look modern and open, or the furniture may make the room feel too cluttered and less like home.

The top trends that are taking center stage in 2019, are:

Luxe Headboards are Definitely in Style

Luxe headboards are back in style, and it’s a defining moment in modern bedroom furniture. These headboards are a little different, taking away the natural wood colors and offering up beautiful fabrics instead.

Velvet has taken the place of wood with beautiful jewel-like tones.

These fabrics add a little “punch” to a room and sophistication that many other bedroom furniture pieces do not offer. When a room is lacking color, a Luxe headboard will do the trick. Add in beautiful bamboo shades, white end tables, and a nice comforter, and the room looks inviting and bright.

Bold is Becoming the Norm

Furniture and interior design trends have been somewhat in a color slump over the past few years. We’ve seen rooms with light-colored walls and slightly offset shades of the same color filling rooms.

Furniture has equally lost its color.

But now is the time to be bold. Spruce up that indoor space with colored chairs that are bold – not boring. High-contrast patterns are in style, and we’re seeing a lot of designers add a mix of color and materials to make rooms “pop.”

Start being daring this year – everyone else has already started.

Blackened Wood Colors

White oaks have been in style for a long time, but this trend is starting to give way to a blackened version of the white oak that people love. The blackened versions allow for a calmer space, and it adds to the comfort of a room.

Blackened coffee tables are a must-add item this year and pair well with lighter-colored carpeting or lighter sofa colors. Add a nice plant on top of the table with a book to add a splash of additional color to make space come together.

Handcrafted is Back

The economy is doing well, and homeowners don’t want or have to purchase furniture that has been mass produced.

Handcrafted furniture is back in style. These pieces are filled with personality and completely unique. Homeowners flock to these more expensive pieces because they can be sure that no one else in their neighborhood has the same piece.

You’re investing in a work of decorative art when you opt for handcrafted furniture rather than mass-produced pieces.

Geometric Patterns are Also Making Headlines

Geometrics are also back in style and making headlines. These patterns move us away from the tribal patterns that we have been used to seeing for years. These geometric patterns are often black and white, but we’re seeing other splashes of color in the mix lately.

Loose in design, these shapes are often asymmetrical, and overscaled, so they make the perfect pattern for a large open wall or even a set of stairs.

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