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Top 5 Real Estate Stocks To Invest In

A real estate is a natural resource or whatever is built on the land or any property. Apart from houses and apartments, real estate is categorized in three ways; industrial, residential, and commercial which includes farms, warehouses, and apartments respectively. Well, the land is the most valuable asset for everybody. Everyone needs land for living, to exploit a natural resource, to run a business, and so land is a real estate which has the highest value. Owning a land have proved to be the best investment one can make in his/her life.

Below I have shared the Top 5 Real Estate Stocks To Invest In which have maintained the big, steady dividends. But before I share these top real estate crowdfunding companies, I would first want to tell you about the characteristics which a best performing real estate should have. Well, they must have:

  • Pricing power
  • High usage rates
  • Regular dividend

Omega Healthcare

OHI is specialized in skilled nursing and also accommodated the citizens of USA and UK. The company takes lesser responsibility for maintenance cost, insurance, and taxes which means, this company is operated under Trippel net.

Kite Realty (KRG)

Kite Reality seems to be the strange choice at the first look, and so, many investors try to avoid KRG operating real REIT sectors. But investors should remember that brick-and-mortar is shrinking and not dying. So, they should not avoid investing in these stocks.

Kite reality knows well about how to own a property in high-growth markets. It can easily maintain lease rates and high engrossment even in an overbuilt market. Well, for increasing the geographic focus, this top real estate company in the world is over structuring its portfolio.

Stag Industrial

Across the United States, Stag industrial buys the single-tenant industrial properties and then operates them. It has owned three hundred and ninety properties in thirty-seven states covering the space of 76.8 million square feet. Well, e-commerce sites have unexpectedly benefited not only the stag stock but other industrial real estate stocks also. The industrial space has rented a premium on Amazon as well as on other e-retailers which were in the profits.

Senior Housing Properties Trust

Senior Housing Properties Trust operates four hundred and forty-three properties in all which are located in Washington D.C and forty-two states which consist the wellness centers, medical facilities, and communities for senior living in the USA. SNH also inclined to have price movements like all other real estate stocks. Well, Senior Housing can be best for those who want a high dividend and holding up for the next decade.


Verein owns and operates different property types like office, industrial, retail, and restaurant properties which means that it doesn’t curtail itself to a single property type. Verein real estate stock’s portfolio is spread across four thousand properties which cover an area of ninety-five million square feet.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, these are the real estate stocks India where you can invest in. If you want any other details, feel free to contact us. Thank You.

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