Tips on Choosing the Right Warehouse Space for Your Business

With businesses trying to outdo each other in reaching goods to customers in the quickest possible way, the pressure on supply chains is greater than ever before. In fact, some industry estimates go so far as to say that supply chain issues could cost a company as much as 20% of its shareholder value or even more within a short span of six months. And to be able to maintain adequate inventory in a secure way, businesses are increasingly looking for warehouses for rent, especially in central locations.

The good news is that there are some excellent options for warehouses for lease and rent and that too at affordable prices. However, before you sign on the dotted line, it is important to be able to judge whether the space you have chosen is right for your business.

How to Choose the Right Warehouse Space

Two of the most important aspects to look at while selecting a warehouse for rent is the location and the amount of space being offered. And before you look for any other features of the space, it might be useful to ask yourself some pertinent questions, such as:

  • Is the space insured?
  • What measures are there for security and fire suppression?
  • How many containers and/or packages can be shipped to and from this location per week?
  • Will this space be able to handle storage, inspection, dispatch, labeling, packaging, inventory and reporting?

There might also be some business specific requirements that you should make a checklist of in advance to ensure that you choose a space that is right for the type of goods you are handling and the order load.

Features to Check For

Before looking at the features, it will be useful to ascertain what the purpose of this space would be for your business. Following this, some of the features that you need to check for include:

  • The Layout: Depending on the way you operate, the layout should facilitate your processes, rather than proving to be a hindrance.
  • The Size: While you don’t want a space that is too large, you also don’t want something that does not offer adequate space either. A warehouse stuffed to the gills can prove as difficult for the business as one with a lot of wasted space. In both cases, you might end up losing money.
  • The Facilities: This is where the logistics of your business come into focus. The facilities need to ensure easy logistical integration for goods delivery to and from the space. It should also be accessible by the type of vehicle you will be using to move goods.

While you can access some great options for warehouses for rent at the most affordable rates, don’t let the price be the only deciding factor. The space you choose should also suit you in terms of the future growth of the business. While this does not mean that you cannot shift to a larger space as your needs change, you should not need to move all your stuff to a new space too often either. So, take your time and choose a reliable real estate company when looking for a warehouse with office space for rent.


  1. I’m glad that you talked about choosing an industrial space that will fit the materials you are looking to store. My brother is looking to store lots of instruments from his band. I think I’ll talk to him about finding a space that will suit his needs.

  2. My sister’s work is looking for a warehouse storage space and I am so glad that I found this article because I had no idea that there are so many factors in choosing a space. It is interesting that you say to ask if the space is insured as well as the measures they have in place for security and fire suppression. I think this is very important because it will give my sister’s work peace of mind that their products are safe and will be insured in case of emergency. Also, I like that you say to look at the layout because you want to make sure that it facilitates your processes rather than be a hindrance to your work.

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