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Space Saving Tips for Garages

A garage does so much more than only housing your cars and bikes. It soon starts functioning as a toy shop, warehouse, and workshop. From multiple bikes, cars, toy cars, and soccer balls, to stuff like hammers, nails, paint, and ladders; slowing becoming a multifunctional dumping ground, you’ll soon struggle to move past the garage door. This unmanageable clutter makes the garage look disorganized quite fast. Very soon, the garage gets a dejected and ignored look to it.

Since it isn’t always possible to rebuild your garage to become larger, you need to optimize all available space. The most important aspect of your garage is to fit the cars and bikes so that they are safe. If you can’t fit them in any longer, it’s time to find some good storage solutions for all your things.

Let us look at some space-saving tips for garages.

Throw stuff out:

The first thing to do when trying to make storage space is to throw away old or broken stuff that you no longer require. If it can be fixed, try fixing it, but if not, you need to let it go. Old, unutilized, and broken things simply add to the clutter in your garage and take up unnecessary space in the midst of things that are useful and have utility. If you have anything that is no longer useful, you should consider giving it away or posting it online so that someone else may use it instead. You could also host a garage sale of all the things you don’t need any longer.

Ceiling Storage:

The garage ceiling is the least used space ever. No one ever considers using the ceiling for storage. You can change this and become part of the latest ‘ceiling storage’ trend. Install carriage brackets on your ceiling through which you can slide toughened plastic storage bins. Keep all the stuff you occasionally use in these plastic containers on your ceiling. Seldom used things like Christmas decorations, heavy machinery like lawn mowers, and even step ladders can be stored on the ceiling to save space for regularly used items.

Slat wall:

Convert one wall of your garage into a slat wall. A slat wall will work wonders to store items you need at arm’s length smartly. A slatted grid makes perfect sense when you need to customize your storage according to size and necessity. Storing stuff like hammers, nails, nuts, bolts, screws, tools, sports equipment, and so on in little baskets makes it much easier to find them when you need to. You could also add an arm to one end of the slat wall and wind garden hose or rope to it for ease of reach and use. Add a strip of magnet to your slatted walls to keep stray metal tools out of harm’s way.

Shelving area:

Often times, garages are overrun with mindless clutter. Make use of shelving that is functional and flexible to hold all paint cans, painting supplies, large toys, cleaning supplies, water guns, beach toys, sidewalk chalk, pet supplies, and so on. Label each of the boxes that you use to hold your things so that it becomes easier to find them later. You could also make your own labels and affix them to these plastic boxes. Generic names like Cables, Cords, Pipes, Gardening, Toys, Detergents, Balls, and Paint help in decreasing the time spent trying to find them all over again.


Most people love using their garage as a workspace. Some are even fond of making their own furniture, pottery, or fixing damaged electronics in the house. If you’re one of those, install a workbench in the garage that also serves as storage space for all these things. A wall-mounted workbench would be able to store all your tools to keep them out of reach of children as well as provide much-needed space for your pet project or hobby. Having a workbench will also make you utilize your time and space more efficiently without damaging or spoiling any of the other things already present in your garage. You could also add a few hooks to the downside of your foldable workbench to maximize space and hang stuff up when not in use.

You can easily convert your garage to a stylish, efficient storage space with a few of these tips. Hang wet or soggy clothes, hats, shoes and other items of clothing that will spoil the interior of your home in a rack in the garage near the door. With endless possibilities and ideas for storage, your garage will start looking brand new, and you will have ample storage space.

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