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Residential Window Installation
November 24, 2017

3 Security Features For Residential Window Installation

Did you know that the number of residential break-ins in central Ottawa in Canada doubled in the period between January and June 2016 nearly doubled? During that time, 212 homeowners learned what it feels like to have their homes invaded by intruders. Since you are planning to install new windows, why not make sure they minimize the odds of joining their number? Here are three key features that must be part of your window replacement project.

Heavy-Duty Locks and Hardware

The locks and other hardware used for your new windows has a lot to do with your home security. As you work with a contractor to determine what design is right for your home, include a discussion about the quality of the locks. You want something that is easy to operate from the inside but will be almost impossible for an intruder to trigger from the outside.

If you or someone in your home has limited use of the hands that does not mean window locks are out of the question. There are multiple lock designs on the market that are suitable for people who cannot grip tightly or have arthritis that affects hand mobility. Your contractor can identify several possibilities and help you explore the merits of each.

The hardware used to install the locks and hold the sashes in place is also something to consider. Ideally, the hardware should be sturdy enough to resist any attempts to use metal clippers and release the sash. All locks should be equally difficult to breach and capable of mounting at a point that is hard for intruders to reach in and open.

Security Glass

You already know that the glass used to get estimate for windows must meet standards that were not in existence when your current ones were installed. One of those requirements has to do with the shatter-proof quality of today’s glass. While the requirements are more for safety purposes, they also make it more difficult for anyone to break through and enter your home.

Talk with the contractor about using what is known as SSP glass. This reinforced glass will not obscure your view. It will decrease the chances of anyone being able to break through the glass. While they are trying, the home security system can notify the local authorities, and they will arrive before the burglar can leave little more than a scratch on the glass.

Interior Security Bars

You’ve seen security bars mounted on the outside of residential windows. That look is not for you. What about the idea of installing interior security bars?

There are designs for interior bars that are as decorative as they are secure. As with other measures, they do not interfere with the ability to look out of your windows. What they will do is create one more obstacle that intruders must overcome before they get into the house.

If you are concerned about the ability to get out of the house during an emergency, there are interior bars that come with safety latches. It takes seconds to trigger the latches and move the bars away from the windows.

Consider these and other security measures as you plan for a total window replacement. With the help of your contractor, you will make the right choices.

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