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April 10, 2019

5 Common Problems Plumbers Deal with and How to Prevent Them

Calling a plumber to your home can be a tad embarrassing. Sometimes the call is made even more embarrassing when the plumber tells you how you could’ve simply avoided and prevented the issue. If you’ve never had plumbers to your home telling you about issues you could’ve easily prevented, then you’re lucky you’ve come to this article.

Let’s talk about 5 preventable problems a plumber typically deals with.

1. Clogged Drain Pipes

Whether it’s your kitchen sink, shower drain, or your toilet drain, plumbers often have to come to a home to unclog drain pipes. The biggest culprit is often the garbage disposal: someone ambitiously puts something down it that ends up clogging the whole thing up.

Clogged drain pipes are often easily prevented by simply running more water after using the sink or disposal. So long as your drain pipes are set up correctly and efficiently, running the water for a few moments after you’ve tossed scraps down them can help push the bits of gunk through the pipes into the larger, sewer pipe.

2. Clogged Toilets

Remember when the word, “embarrassing,” was mentioned at the start of the article? Well, this might be the time that word truly comes into play. No one wants to have to contact their local plumbers after having clogged the toilet. Well, maybe you could think of a few people that would take pride in such a scenario, but they are the happy few.

To avoid clogged toilets, try not to flush too much toilet paper and keep any toddlers or young children away from the toilets, as they’re known to want to flush their toys. However, the main culprit of clogged toilets really isn’t a result of an embarrassing scenario. Instead, the main culprit deals with your piping. If the pipe your toilet drains into is too small, there’s an increased risk of clogs. If you fear your piping is inadequate, call your plumber to check it out before a big issue manifests.

3. Water Lines Filled with Sediment

This issue is typically more common with well water, but any home is actually at-risk for this occurrence. Sediment filled water lines can cripple your home’s plumbing systems.

The easiest and most convenient way to prevent this issue is to add a filtration system in your water lines. Whole-home filter systems are much more cost-effective these days and can really save you a lot of money in the long run.

4. Sewer Backups

Broken, obstructed, or collapsed pipes can often cause sewer backups for your home. These instances are typically caused by a build-up of gunk in your pipes. The best way to prevent sewer backups is to use a non-toxic bio cleaner to clear out all of that gunk from your piping.

5. Gas Pipe Explosions

This is a scary situation no one wants to experience. These explosions are usually caused by adding gas products to a home or by doing maintenance on them. The best way to prevent a gas pipe explosion is to not do the maintenance or additions on your own. Instead, call plumbers that know how to install and maintain gas piping safely.

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