Pro Roofing USA Cements the Meaning of Quality Building

April 1, 2018

Having a safe home depends on many different factors being satisfied. With many of the natural disasters that occurred in 2017, people were able to see the true importance of a solidly built home as millions of dollars were wasted due to poor infrastructure. One of the most important aspects is proper roofing. Pro Roofing USA is a well-experienced business that has been operating in this sector for a long time. With hundreds of satisfied customers, they have helped individuals build and rebuild their homes after they were hit by unfortunate disasters. Pro Roofing USA establishes their work through client referrals due to their positive track record. That enables this company to stay relevant and competitive. In reality, many people who had to obtain a roof-related fixture have now heard of Pro Roofing USA.

Can you tell us about the reason why you started your roofing business?

After being in the army for eight years, I got into home improvement sales for a company called Pacesetter. The skills that I have gained serving in the military have enabled me to become one of the best sales agents in the company in a short period of time. After all, I think that the service to one’s country is second to nothing when it comes to building. Over time I developed my time management and organizational skills. The initial success was very inspiring for me, so I decided to start my own business.

Which are the key points people should be aware of when choosing an adequate roofing contractor?

First of all, paying a lot of money does not guarantee you a good service. We are always ready to come and make an assessment of the situation at no additional charge. Our professionals are people with at least five years of experience and have all the licenses and certificates needed to operate on your property. A good contractor should have a list of guidelines to obey and will respect the given deadlines. Additionally, having a good insurance policy is important, especially if somebody gets hurt during the project. To that end, we are happy that our insurance will cover these types of expenses and the customers will not have to worry about it.

Why is it important to have trained staff to install your roof?

Obviously, the roof is a crucial part of your home. If you want to enjoy the warmth of your house with your family, you should really pay attention to choosing the right company to perform these repairs. If you do, you can rest assured that you will not have to change or repair your roof in just a few years, maybe even decades. This, of course, does not account for potential weather disasters as those are quite unpredictable. Just think about Hurricane Harvey that stormed through Houston in 2017! Also, if needed, the follow-up restorations will be conducted by the contractor that installed the roof in the first place. Thus, you will not have to find somebody else to get that done properly.

You have mentioned bad weather conditions. Could you tell us what inspired you to move west and decide to join storm chasers?

I used to have a smaller successful business based on improving homes. I often faced clients who wanted to add more rooms to their home, so I decided to enroll in building classes at a community college in Huntsville, Alabama. After getting my builders license, I was able to build houses from 2000-5000 square feet. At some point, the situation on the market got too bad, and I was not satisfied with the results I achieved. My friend suggested the idea of storm chasing, and I decided to move west and help people in need. I have to say that although the entire concept of storm chasing is focused on helping people, many are abusing the nature of the situation. My advice to clients is always to check the license of the company that they decide to hire and to do their research. That is the only safe way to avoid any potential fraud. Here at Pro Roofing USA, our results and a good track record can speak for us. Today we are fortunate to have multiple locations in states like Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina and soon our services will be available to people in Florida.

If the roof gets damaged during storms, will the insurance companies pay for it?

When the storm passes, thoroughly check your house. If you notice anything unusual regarding damage, find a local expert who will make an assessment. You can get advice on what to do next, and whether to submit a claim to the insurance company for damages or not.

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