Plant Packing

Moving to a New Place: Plant Packing

Moving, in general, is a stressful process. But you understand how difficult it is when it comes to packing some sensitive items in your house. This is when you learn about packing techniques, materials, and approaches. Still, some of the belongings are too difficult and breakable to pack them fast.

Today we’re going to talk about effective plants, packing trying to understand what a universal method is. But first of all, you have to discuss with a moving company whether it has any special offers for packing and delivering sensitive items like your cactus or palm collection. If not, you have to pack everything in advance by yourself. How? Let’s find out.

How to Pack Your Home Plant Collection

Packing and delivering a cactus or succulent collection in excellent condition is probably one of the most important tasks for any nature lover during a relocation process.

Here’s how you can make it fast.

Plant Packing

Plant Packing Tips

  • If you have any specific kind of a plant which is of unusual size or shape or doesn’t stand temperature variations, apply to the Internet for advice. For example, visit one of the most important review sites – to communicate with other customers who have already moved with those issues too. Maybe they have some useful recommendations on how to do it in the best way possible.
  • Get a couple of bigger and smaller boxes depending on the size and shape of your plants.
  • Line the bottom of each box with a sheet of paper.
  • Then, place more resilient plants directly in the box in the vertical position. For more sensitive sorts, which require a little bit more protection, use paper or a paper bag to wrap them.
  • Place a recycled crinkle paper around and on top of the plants to protect them and keep in place during transportation. Fill any free spaces.
  • For bigger plants, which are not so sensitive and breakable, use another technique. Take a long box and lay the plants in a horizontal position on both sides. So, the leaves of different plants should meet in the center of the box.
  • Then, place the second layer of cardboard on the top of the plants to block the box. Thus, the plants should be blocked by the top cardboard, so they will not move and go together. Place small bamboo splits or any other sticks in the pots on both sides of the box to make sure that the top cardboard will not go over the pots.
  • Now, you can finish packing by closing the box and securing everything with a tape.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to pack and deliver your plant collection to a new place safely and securely. Prepare your cactuses and succulents for a moving day in advance.

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