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5 Important Features to Consider When Leasing a Storage Unit

One out of ten households in the US utilizes online storage units. The country has about 50.000 storage units with a total space of nearly 2 billion square feet. However, storage units are easy targets for crimes like robberies and burglaries which is why you need to take security caution when scouting for such space. To ensure your products or items stay safe, here are some features you need to pay attention before you lease a storage unit:

1. Consider operating hours

When picking a storage unit, pay attention to the hours that it is available for access. A storage unit that is open to access all day long might not be ideal because it could pose a security challenge particularly when it comes to monitoring entries. Even so, you need to opt for one that is accessible during the hours you want to access it.

2. Bear in mind the location of a unit within the storage facility

It is more secure to pick units that are located at the entry of the storage facility as opposed to those situated far away. This is because they are easy to access and visible to passersby, aspects that would deter anyone who has an intention to commit a robbery.

3. Check the security and lighting condition

Irrespective of the geographic location, security always the driving factor when choosing a unit. Opt for a facility that is adequately secured with a fence and ensure that the lighting inside is sufficient. This is because well-lit spaces tend to feel safe and comfortable for people even when they are left in there alone. Also, it is important to check where alarms have been installed in individual units just in case there is need to use them for security purposes.

4. Pay attention to terms and conditions of use

Though the rule of thumb is that only authorized persons should be allowed entry into storage unit facilities, application of this rule varies from one company to another. In some facilities, users are given special keys or codes to facilitate entry while others use security gates that ensure only those authorized can access the storage area. This means that the level of access is determined mainly by the rules individual companies have put in place and it is helpful to ensure you understand those accessibility rules.

5. Ease of unit identification of units

Before you lease a unit, check whether it is appropriately marked to ensure that you are able to identify it with ease. Records of storage units including serial numbers are important because they can be used as a reference in case of robberies and burglaries by investigating units. Once you settle on a storage unit and proceed to lease it, ensure that you maintain comprehensive records of the items you store there. You may even take photos that can help prove the items you stored in the unit in the event of a robbery. Such records go a long way in helping investigators track and recover stolen items and guarantee your claim to insurance companies.

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