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Interior Design Tips for Beginners from Express Flooring

Decorating one’s home can be as complicated and stressful as it is exciting. It often includes a great amount of planning and strategizing to have the perfect final product. Naturally, however, the vast majority of everyday people are not experts when it comes to interior design. This is where research can come in handy. So, what are some of the important pieces of advice that beginners who will engage in interior design planning should be aware of?

Mirrors Add the Illusion of Increased Space

As with most homes, there will usually be some rooms or hallways that may be slightly undersized. Even if that is not the case, one may have the need to increase the size of certain areas within their home. To do so, however, they will seldom be able actually to expand the size of their residence. So, to achieve the illusion of increased space, one should add mirror-based decorations.

For those unfamiliar, mirrors will reflect the already existing area and create a false appearance of some space beyond the wall. Due to this, professional interior designers often utilize relatively cheap mirrors to create the illusion of someone’s room being much larger than it is.

Hanging Pot Holder for Space Savings

Although it is quite rare nowadays, taking advantage of hanging pot holders can be the easiest way to facilitate more kitchen space. As one of the heavily used areas in most homes, the kitchen tends to fall victim to people’s disorganization. Due to that, it may start gaining the appearance of an untidy area. Well, using a hanging pot holder will offer two benefits:

  • It will allow the homeowner to dispose of their cleaned pots that can air dry easily;
  • It gives a modern look that uses everyday tools for decorative purposes when not in use.

Not to mention that the hanging pot holders are generally quite simple to install. One just needs to obtain the necessary grid, a drill, and nails that will hold the infrastructure.

Light Colors for Small Rooms

Although mirrors are great for adding artificial size, one will usually not decorate their entire home with mirrors. This is where color schemes can be quite useful. For instance, according to Express Flooring, lighter colors tend to offer the same illusion of added space. They give away the impression of openness that tricks one’s brain. Thus, taking advantage of white walls in smaller rooms could make them seem bigger than if they were colored with dark shades of any color. Additionally, combining this idea with unique mirror-based decorations could significantly increase the imaginative size of the room.

Softening the Hardwood Flooring

According to a professional flooring company, Express Flooring, hardwood alternatives tend to be extremely popular with homeowners. Frequently, however, these floors are created using darker shades of brown. Of course, that varies depending on the type of wood used. Nevertheless, given the common presence of darker floors, it is important to discuss ways to soften their appearance.

Generally speaking, the easiest way to soften a floor is to use some type of a mini-carpet or a rug. For instance, a dark-brown, hardwood floor will appear much more eye-friendly if it holds a white rug. Similarly, just taking advantage of light plants with colorful vases could have the same effect.

Low-Level Decorations

Ultimately, a lot of homeowners fail to realize how important some low-level decorations truly are. For example, just stacking pillows could completely revamp the overall appearance of a room. Likewise, combining metal and wooden decoration could result in the same benefits. Thus, utilizing extensive research to pinpoint the best decorations for every room could make them much more appealing.

Luckily, people can even resort to using everyday items for decorative purposes. Think back to the hanging pots that would become a decoration for the kitchen when they are not used. So, the options are only as limited as one’s imagination, and creativity may be. After all, what better way to make a statement than to create an untraditional interior design?

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