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How To Keep Your Home Secure

With the use of CCTV cameras becoming more and more of a daily occurrence, many of us are now not only accepting them but are actively taking the decision to install a private CCTV system to protect our own homes.

So what exactly is CCTV? It stands for Closed Circuit Television and is a system of video cameras which can be used to watch both the inside and outside of your home. The cameras would be connected to a monitor, allowing you to see what they can see.

The main advantage of using them to keep your home secure is the deterrent factor. Studies have shown that CCTV cameras are a powerful deterrent to would-be burglars and other criminals, helping to keep your home safe.

Burglars generally look for an easy target, so any type of home security system will see them walk on past your house to find an easier option to break into. So CCTV cameras keep your home secure by putting off the criminals.

Another benefit to them is they can help to reduce your home insurance costs. The main reason for this is because the deterrent effect means your home is at lower risk of being targeted by criminals. That risk reduction can lead to a lowering of insurance premiums.

If something were to happen at your home, or outside your home, having the CCTV camera footage can really help your case. Whether you need to justify an insurance claim, or you need evidence for police or court investigation, CCTV images will be invaluable.

It might be that they are witness to an incident on your street, enabling the police to catch criminals, again helping to keep your home, and those of your neighbors, safe and secure.

Modern CCTV cameras can be monitored remotely so you can check using your phone or tablet if anything is going on at your home while you are away, providing peace of mind while you are traveling or on holiday.

The cameras can also enable you to keep an eye on children and pets playing outside for safety reasons, adding that peace of mind and making you immediately aware of any issues, dangers or accidents which might take place.

But installing cameras isn’t the only way to keep your home secure. There are many other modern home security systems which you can also consider to protect your family and belongings from would-be criminals.

Alarm systems which sound an alarm, or are silent but alert the emergency services and also act as a perfect deterrent to would-be criminals, and give you peace of mind knowing your home is protected even when you are asleep.

Roller or shutter blinds for the doors and windows are another great way to protect your home, with modern designs now fitting in with home décor, rather than resembling steel prison doors. Many roller designs now roll up out of the way during the day, so no-one would even know you had them installed, but they are there to keep your home secure at night or while you are away.

Securing your home needn’t cost the earth either. Features like outside lights triggered by movement, and even using fake cameras and alarms, can all help to deter would-be criminals from targeting your property.

Making sure all of your doors and windows are securely closed and locked can also help, along with taking some sensible precautions by not advertising your belongings. If you’ve just had a new flat-screen TV delivered, don’t leave the box out by the bin all week for burglars to spot. Take it out to the recycling truck on the day they arrive. That way, nobody knows it’s there.

Having CCTV cameras installed in your home, can help lower insurance rates, improve security and deter would-be criminals from targeting your property. If you combine that with sensible measures such as locking your doors and windows and not openly advertising your belongings on a show, then your home will be secure, and you can relax with total peace of mind.

If the worst did happen, you’d have the cameras on hand to alert you to the problem, enabling you to call the emergency services as quickly as possible to the scene, even if you are miles away. You’ll have the recorded evidence to back up your claims and take the offenders to court.

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