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October 5, 2017

How to Add an Extra Wow Factor to Your Vacation Home

Vacation Home Updates That Will Increase Your Bookings

If you own a vacation home, you have the opportunity to travel to your favorite vacation spots whenever you like. But it’s not a smart investment if you only stay there a few days a year. Most people choose to rent out their vacation home on VRBO or Airbnb when they’re not around.

The theory behind a vacation rental seems pretty simple. You post your property online and wait for the bookings to roll in. But in practice, this theory gets a little more complicated. Factors like the location and your marketing can play a huge role in whether or not you’ll be able to sustain bookings.

If the location is perfect and you’re marketing prolifically, yet you’re still failing to get bookings, the problem might be a lackluster vacation home. When you’re ready to make a real investment in your vacation home and update the property so that it can earn a higher revenue stream, there are some high-return updates you can make.

Install an Infinity Pool

An infinity pool is constructed to look like there is no edge. The water flows over one side into a recycle drain, giving the illusion of the water flowing forever. It’s a much higher-end look than a traditional pool, and it will certainly be the wow factor that brings up your asking prices and keeps your property booked.

If your vacation home has a backdrop of a cityscape, clear open sky, forest, mountains, ocean, or other natural scenery, can you think of anything more relaxing than sitting in an infinity pool, sipping a cool drink, and enjoying your vacation? Your future renters probably won’t be able to either.

Add Smart Home Automation

Smart home devices can be a subtle, but effective installation. They allow users to listen to music on interconnected devices, control entertainment devices in one place, dim the lights, and keep the place at a perfect temperature.

Smart home devices can also be a huge benefit for you as the owner of your property. You can keep tabs on the security of your rentals (without invading their privacy). The simplicity of these devices also decreases the likelihood of things getting broken, and you can save money. Because smart thermostats, lights, and water fixtures are programmable, you can turn off the air and lights when your guests leave to save wasted energy and money.

You can also make sure everything is locked and secured when they leave with smart locks and security systems. Keyless locks are a prime advantage of smart home automation for rental properties.

Paint Inside and Out

Peeling paint on the exterior sends a bad message to your renters. It makes them think that the property is older and neglected. A fresh coat of paint in an attractive, neutral color can dramatically increase the property’s appeal.

While you have your paintbrush out, examine the interior paint colors as well. Are there places where the paint is chipped and faded? Do the bright or dark colors make rooms feel small and uncomfortable? Do the stark white walls make the rooms look uninviting? Consider freshening things up with fresh paint; you’ll be surprised at how much better the place looks.

The best colors for your vacation rental depend on where it’s located. Beach rentals should use colors reminiscent of salt and sand while cozy cabins should focus on light woods and forest colors. Condos and private homes are better with neutral colors and accent walls, so as not to overwhelm the vacationer.

Renovate the Bathroom

When you’re selling or buying a house, an updated bathroom is not necessarily the focal point, but it’s not the same with vacationers. They often associate the bathroom with relaxation, and if your property doesn’t offer something luxurious, vacationers will be less enthusiastic about booking. Go for a high-end look that will have vacationers drooling at the prospect of bathing under your waterfall showerhead or relaxing for hours in your jetted tub.

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