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Green Rebate in Installing New Windows in Edmonton

Understanding the Importance of Green Rebate in Installing New Windows in Edmonton

Wondering what a windows rebate program is? It actually refers to accomplishing good things and ensuring that everything would yield satisfactory results as expected. But if someone is not sure about the program, its purpose and why people should consider it, experts have explained everything in detail. They have listed some critical questions and beautifully answered all to clear all confusion and problems.

What are the Green Funds?

One of the prominent things is to realize the fact that Green Funds are responsible for covering all the rebates that homeowners would be concerned about. Since it is provided by a provincial agency, they can enjoy non-profitable structure that promises to reduce the environmental impact of toxic emissions. The program usually employs energy alternatives and greenhouse emissions, thus reducing the dependency upon traditional sources such as fossil fuels.

Whether it’s about replacing one piece or all windows Edmonton, Green Fund is always helpful as it is responsible for encouraging the environmental friendly source in rebate programs, thus reducing carbon footprint and other toxins in the surroundings. This fund is equally vital for commercial as well as residential owners because they have more control over climatic actions. All credit goes to the windows in Edmonton rebate programs that homeowners can now have optimal energy efficiency along with having the option to increase their savings.

Why is Green Rebate so Important?

Based on its name, Green Rebates are offered under the Green Funds that are usually needed to support different environmental causes. Since owners opt to have rebates related to replacement windows in Edmonton, they save something on the projects, irrespective of they are being carried out in the residential or commercial buildings. Amazingly, the program is a bit difficult to qualify for but, when a person is accepted, he/she would be able to receive up to $500 for every window, being replaced by an energy efficient version. As for the complete structure, the rebate would be around $5,000.

Who is the Eligible Person for this Rebate?

Apparently, there is a particular criterion that needs every applicant to know and understand. First of all, they should be the resident of Edmonton and own or live in such areas where window replacement is easy to carry out. The living space could be a townhome, semi-detached home or a detached home.

Here, the worth mentioning fact is that it’s not necessary to be the homeowner to qualify for this rebate. If a person is a tenant, it’s still possible. All he/she has to do is to get written permission from the owner to hire a contractor for replacing the old windows in Edmonton with new ones.

Are Homeowners Allowed to Appoint A Contractor of their Choice?

It’s necessary to have a certified Green contractor who is authorized to exercise the responsibilities as needed to be part of the Green rebate program. Another benefit of having someone qualified is that their employees would help in preparing and submitting the rebate. Clients just have to make a deal, sign the agreement and allow the service provider to install new windows in Edmonton.

How and When the Rebate Would be Received?

After the windows are installed, people have to submit documents to confirm the completion of the project. The documents should be directly submitted to the Green Fund authorities so that they can be matched with the approved criteria and rebate could be processed accordingly. Expect to have the rebate cheque within 8 to 12 weeks.

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