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Big cities normally predicate large events. Brussels is no exception. Year in and year out, the city has always been the location of one of the largest events. In fact, the largest last year, and maybe the most unique to the city is the Flower Carpet wherein they cover the Grand-Palace is covered with a new set of begonias. Last year featured Mexico in all of its brown and sunset orange glory.

This year, however, may not have the same event in its calendar because it is only done every 2 years. This does not mean the place is short of any more events to host. In fact, if you visit and find a room for rent in Brussels, you might just be in the thick of it all.


BXL Tour

This is an event to look out for if you are a fan of going around on your bike.

A unique way of going about ‘strolling the city,’ the BXL Event allows you to experience the streets of Brussels on a bicycle. Held on June 16, 2019, the tour is set to bring you all over Brussels with different categories – ‘Master’ and ‘Cyclo’ – that you can personally take part in.

A little tidbit of information – it is set to be held days before another major cycling event in Brussels where its citizens will witness the best cyclists around the world race in the Grand Depart, which is part of the Tour de France.

Ommegang 2019

On its 89th year of celebration, it honors the arrival of Charles the Fifth to the city including the establishment of his Palace of Coudenberg. It will be held from the 26th of June to the 28th at the Grand-Palace. It will feature parades and shows that will heavily depict part of Brussels’ folklore. Among those participating will be actors, horses, puppet shows, giants, and flags.

Also, a medieval village will also be set-up at Brussels Park which will also host tournaments of old, which extends the celebration at least one more day.

Brussels Summer Festival

Just like any summer festival in Europe, it will feature performances from both international and local artists. It will take place from 14th of August until the 18th at the Place des Palais and Mont des Arts.

This will be the 18th year that the city will be hosting one of their own.


Famous for its Grand-Palace flower carpet, the city hosts Flowertime, an international event for plant and flower arrangement. This is normally held the year in between Flower Carpets, and just like Flower Carpet, it has its own theme. This year is all about fruits.

It will be held at the City Hall of Brussels and the Grand-Palace on the 14th of August until the 18th.

Brussels is never short of grand events to host. Every month, something is always happening around the city. Regardless if it celebrates the history of the city or something that invites an international audience. It is just a matter of timing when you are trying to find a room for rent in Brussels.

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