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Stained Deck
June 8, 2019

Decks & Docks Lumber Company Explains How to Stain a Deck Properly

If you have never tried deck staining before, it can be very intimidating to do it the right way and achieve the desired outcome. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new deck or an old one that you are restoring; the fact is that you will need to follow the right procedure for better outcomes. Staining a deck will require proper preparation, right materials, and right procedures all through. This is the reason why Decks & Docks Lumber Company decided to help in properly staining your deck by giving you step by step procedure to follow.

1. Get the Right Materials Ready with You

To properly stain your dock, you will need to have all materials ready by you to avoid facing compromises that can damage the dock. Some dock accessories can be very vulnerable to damage and thus the need to ensure you have the right materials. Some of the things you will need include high-quality deck stain, drop cloth, paintbrush, painter’s tape, paint stirrer, paint pad, paint pole, broom, dock supplies, and pressure washer if it’s an old deck. Once you are ready with these, then you are good to go.

2. Check for Imperfections on the Dock

Look around for any fault on the dock to make sure everything is in its place before you can start staining. Some of the imperfections that can occur during dock construction, or later on include broken screws, broken wood pieces, warped wood pieces, and in some cases nails that have raised above the surface. In case you notice any of these faults, repair them using the dock supplies you brought with you. Sometimes an old dock can be in a very bad shape requiring you to remove and replace the dock material rather than repairing it.

3. Clean the Surface

Once all the imperfections are dealt with, clean your dock perfectly to allow the stain to soak in the wood properly. If it’s a new dock, you may only be required to remove dock material leftovers and dock accessories left during its construction. A broom will be enough to clean it, but if it’s an old dock, the extent of cleaning will depend on how regularly it has been washed since its construction. Use the right cleaning materials and follow all the safety precautions and instructions printed on the product you are using. Once you have perfectly cleaned it, allow the deck dry before you start staining.

4. Stain Your Deck

Countercheck the dock surface to ensure that no nail is protruding because it is possible to leave a nail protruding during the dock construction or it can rise above the surface later on. The reason for this counterchecking is to protect your paintbrush or roller from getting damaged by the nails or any rough surface. Start staining the dock gently and perfectly to the desired appearance using either a paintbrush or a roller. In case there is a place you do not want to paint, use painter’s tape to block it off. For the best outcomes, keep on back brushing your stain to ensure the stain gets soaked into the dock boards.

5. Be Patient and Allow the Stain to Dry

If anyone steps on the stain before it dries up, the impact can be very messy, forcing you to repeat the process on a large surface for evenly distribution of the stain. Wait for at least 24 to 48 hours before you can walk on it. However, the drying period will depend on the dock supplies used to make the dock because some woods may dry faster than others. It is good to follow the instructions as indicated on these supplies. Other factors include the weather in your specific location because when it’s hot, drying hours will be fewer, and if it’s cold, it may take more hours.

Once you stain your dock, take good care of it by observing annual maintenance routine.

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