Deck Cable Railings

Deck Cable Railings Provide Unbeatable Strength And Modern Looks

Balconies and decks give us the much-required lung-space, whenever we wish to breathe some open air. The styles of decks and balconies have always kept evolving with time. These days, you get to see the decks of many of new construction buildings with deck cable railing.

There are many reasons why deck cable railing is growing in popularity and has become the number one choice for building contractors, deck installers, and landscaping specialists.

Unlike the wooden decks, steel and extruded aluminum cables do not deteriorate with time. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the risk of splinters coming off and poking your fingers, while you are enjoying the view from your balcony or floor deck.

If there is a spectacular view from your balconies or decks, it does not use the enclosed railing systems, which actually obstruct the line of your view, when you are seated on your deckchairs. The stainless steel cables will look almost invisible, and allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of your picturesque landscapes.

Stainless steel and aluminum cables can provide the kind of support that is not possible with wooden railings. Therefore, you won’t have to keep repairing or replacing them that often. These posts and cables are designed for ultimate durability, which is why you won’t have to worry about them collapsing.

Decks on commercial buildings support many people and a lot of weight. Deck cable railings systems provide unmatched strength, which is why they make a great choice for commercial buildings, where the employees and customers will be using them regularly.

Another reason why many of the top building contractors recommend deck cable railings to their clients is due to low maintenance requirements. If you go for the wooden counterparts, then you will need to spend on their maintenance like waterproofing, staining, sanding, etc. On the other hand, the stainless steel handrails and cables provide you with the maintenance-free option.

The aesthetic appeal of your building will remain the same for many years to come, without showing any signs of deterioration. With a bit of a rubdown, you can bring back their shine anytime. You can go for the horizontal cables or the vertical cables, as per your preferences.

Deck cable railing systems can also help in increasing the value of your properties. In most cases, real estate purchasers are looking for modern designs that are combined with practicality.

Cable rail systems look ultra modern, unlike the fully enclosed decks that you see in old buildings. Thus, they make an excellent option for improving the value of your residences or commercial buildings.

These railings actually create the perception of bigger space. Your buyers will never fail to see the difference, and it will definitely make them very interested in your property.

The cable railings make an excellent choice, also because they can be made to blend with any kind of interior and exterior designs. The cables on these railings look practically invisible, yet provide unmatched strength and support to your decks.

Please be reminded that the installation of these cables must be as per the requirements of the building code. The buildings in the United States will have to ensure that the spacing between the cables does not exceed the spherical area of 4 inches. It is a crucial safety factor, especially if children are using your decks.

The recommended building code height of the railings from the floor should be a minimum of 36 inches or above for residential buildings, and 42 inches for commercial buildings.

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