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Dean Buescher’s Tips for Designing Your New Home

April 16, 2019

Dean Buescher is the manager of Vintage Estate Homes in New Braunfels, Texas. His company constructs custom luxury homes for a discerning clientele. He has thirty years’ experience in the industry and has helped countless families build their dream homes. He has worked with Habitat for Humanity in Plano, Texas.

Buescher attended Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida where he studied business management. He is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys camping, skiing, boating, and fishing. He also has a strong interest in NASCAR racing, spurred on by his son who raced professionally through 2015.

Buescher offers these 5 tips to people who want to build the home of their dreams. His extensive experience in the field gives him a unique perspective on home design. With the help of an experienced builder like Buescher, prospective home buyers can find their perfect home.

1. Begin with a Simple Plan

Before you meet with your architect, spend time sketching some ideas for your new home. Have the basics of the home’s flow in mind, placing rooms approximately where you want them. Consider which architectural features you want for your home, taking into consideration that not every feature will be realistic under your budget. Make priorities based on what you truly want in your home. When you take the time to make these notes, you will have a better idea of what you want from the home design process.

2. Consider Future Needs

While it is easy to fall into the trap of imagining your family continuing in its exact form, it is smart to think ahead to future needs. For example, you may have a parent who will need to move in with you in the future. Your children will grow up and have different needs. You will want to plan for guest room space as well as an office if you plan to work from home. If you have an elderly or disabled parent in the family, consider making your first-floor handicap-accessible using wider aisles, proper flooring, and accessible bathrooms.

3. Think About Lot Placement

The requirements of your housing lot will in some ways dictate your design. Whether your home is in a flat area or on a hill, you will need to take the setting into consideration. It is smart to maximize your home’s connection with natural features, providing an enriched living experience for your family. For example, if your lot has a beautiful natural view, consider placing your living room in the best place to take advantage of it.

4. Let Your Architect be Creative

After you have presented your architect with a basic layout of your home, allow him or her to be creative. It is much easier to go through a series of architectural drawings than it is to have your home remodeled later on. Help him, or her to decide what your priorities are in terms of lighting and overall flow. For example, you may want to make sure that your bedrooms are far away from the active parts of the house.

5. Fine-Tune Your Design

Working with your architect and home builder, finalize your design. It is smart to do floor plans with potential furniture placements in mind so that flow will not be disrupted. This also helps in planning the electrical system of the house.

Your Dream Home

Builders like Dean Buescher are ready to help families create their perfect homes. His company, Vintage Estate Homes, works with architects to help make every home a dream home. Following these 5 tips will help anyone build the home that is just right for their family.

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