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Clear Flow Water Solutions Interview

Clear Flow Water Solutions is a privately-held full-service plumbing outfit in Oley, Pennsylvania. The company serves the greater Eastern Pennsylvania region including Chester, Montgomery, Lancaster, and Berks. The firm specializes in water treatment, custom bath renovations, water heating services, drain cleaning, and well pumps. The plumbing company uses cutting-edge equipment to give their clients the best services.

They have a rigorous continuous training program that ensures workers are on top of their game in service techniques, choice of parts, and fixtures. Clear Flow Water Solutions also operates an always-on emergency line which ensures customers in dire situations get the priority they deserve to take care of their plumbing and water quality issues.

Clear Flow Water Solutions provides top-notch service but is also confident in its service-pricing structure. There are no hidden charges, and you get to know the price of the service before work starts saving you the hustle of being stuck with an abnormal bill. They offer same-day packages and responsive emergency service. The company also prides itself on their strong focus on family values. Repeat clients are able to interact with the same people and build a rapport with the company.

Tina Parker is a senior management executive at the company and believes the team at Clear Flow Water Solutions is highly skilled and conversant with most plumbing and water issues affecting residents in the region and believes in delivering service well beyond the job description.

What makes your business successful?

I run a no-frills service company. We deliver what we promise on schedule. As a small business, we do not have the bureaucracy associated with big corporations which allow us for quick decision-making processes. We get the technical crew out of the door faster than anyone else does and our employees understand the importance of providing personalized services. They go out of their way to ensure the client interacts with a friendly environment that clients can trust.

Additionally, we are natives of Pennsylvania. We understand our homeowner friends and neighbors, their attitudes and more importantly, their requirements when it comes to water services. We employ an immensely qualified crew that has extensive experience and a great family attitude to match. They are trained to fix things right the first time and provide lasting solutions. They perform a quick diagnosis of the problem and fix it.

Our customer care is exemplary. We keep customers informed about every step of our service models including completion times and costs.

What kind of challenges do you encounter in the business and how do you deal with them?

Sometimes we get referrals from homecare and insurance service corporations. It takes time before new clients can trust us to deliver on our promise. Luckily, our staff understand this and treats new customers with the utmost sensitivity. The business has also earned a favorable rating by HomeAdvisor, which works to ensure that new clients have a decisive reference point.

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

We like to focus on the fact that we are a small family business. Most of our competitors in the region are large companies. Our size allows us to be agile and flexible. Thousands of satisfied customers can attest to this. Our plumbing services work, and we have a unique strategy that ensures our customers don’t pay more than necessary. For example, we provide free estimates.

Our 24/7 service ensures you don’t run into additional costs associated with water waste, water damage, and parts replacement. As an independent business, we are not biased towards any particular brands which give us the flexibility to provide the best possible solutions to the customer.

What are some of the hard decisions you have had to make in the recent past?

In this business, we run into new people on a daily basis. We try to be accommodating and understanding with new clients, however, sometimes you can tell when someone is not completely honest. Maybe they have been ripped off too many times. We recently had to let go of a good client out of a misunderstanding, but we explained ourselves and offered them an opportunity to work with us in the future.

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