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April 15, 2020

Best Way to Redesign Your Old Spaces

Homeowners are always looking for different ways to redesign or redecorate their spaces. Often, they are challenged with the budget factor. Most homeowners don’t have the extra money needed to do a complete redesign of their space. As a result, they look to alternatives to redesign their homes and make it feel and appear revived and renewed. There are certain tricks homeowners can use to infuse a new style into their homes without breaking their budget. Simply adding a few accent pieces or changing a cabinet fixture can make a world of difference in a room’s decor.

Redesigning the Bedroom

There are several ways a homeowner can redesign their bedroom space. This redesign does not have to entail spending a lot of money. Making a few simple changes can change the look of the entire space. One place to start is the window treatments. Window treatments help to define the space and frame the room. They can be a focal point in a room’s design, and the colors of the window treatment can be used to pull together different elements of the room. Whether you use custom window treatments or traditional treatments, this is an excellent way to redesign your space. Another trick is to change your bedding. It could range from adding a few throw pillows to changing the entire look of your bedding. Since the bed makes up more than 50% of the room, adding new bedding to space can change the whole look.

Redesigning the Bathroom

Redesigning your bathroom on a budget using a few neat tricks can transform your space and is budget-friendly. Changing the light fixtures in the bathroom is a great way to update the room’s design. It can also modify the entire style of the bathroom. If you have finished brass fixtures, changing them to oil rubbed bronze fixtures will change the entire look of the space. Adding accent pieces throughout the bathroom is another neat trick to change the look of the space. Adding a beautiful throw rug anchors not only this space but also introduces a new design element. A few beautiful baskets and vases can add a unique design element for a modern look.

Redesigning the Kitchen

Kitchen redesign projects can be quite costly. There are ways to completely redesign the look of your kitchen without breaking your bank. Refacing the cabinets adds a new design element to the kitchen space. If refacing the cabinets is not in your budget, you may be able to paint the cabinets to give them a different look. Adding contrasting colors to the cabinets will not only transform the space; it will incorporate a new area of interest into the kitchen. After you have changed the look of the cabinets, changing the cabinet hardware can complement the new look and transform your kitchen. Adding a few throw rugs and a few accent pieces around the perimeter of the kitchen will also add a unique design element that can completely change the look of your kitchen space.

Redesigning the Living Room

Redesigning the living room can start in several different places. Changing window treatment is one place to start. You can also improve the look of your living room by adding throw pillows and blankets to your sofa or occasional chairs. If you have furniture that is matching, replacing the matching pieces with accent furniture pieces will create interest and infuse a new look into the room. Adding or changing a few pieces of art is an excellent way to transform this space. If there is a dark corner that needs lighting, a beautiful floor lamp not only will illuminate the space but can add interest to the room. Adding an area rug will add a sense of charm and will help to anchor the space.

Redesigning the Foyer

Adding a few accent pieces to this area creates a welcoming entrance for your guest. If this is the main entry to the home, not only will it create interest for your guests, but infusing warm decorative elements into the area is an excellent way to welcome you home every day. Accent items such as vases, plants, accent furniture, and artwork are wonderful ways to incorporate a new design into a small space. If the space is large enough, adding an accent floor rug will create a modern look.

Larger Redesign Project

If you’re looking to take on a more comprehensive redesign project, it is recommended you seek the advice of a professional. Projects that entail opening up the floor space and removing walls are projects that can be a bit more challenging for the average homeowner. A professional contractor will be able to give you recommendations and tips on the best way to implement your project. An open floor concept is a beautiful design that requires attention to detail and highly skilled individuals that will get the job done correctly.

There are a variety of ways to redesign an old space. Whether you’re looking to do a total transformation of your home or add accent pieces to incorporate new decorative elements, there’s no limit to the ways you can create a new design into your home’s space. By simply painting one wall of the room to create a focal point, you can change the look of the room, add color, and create a new space for your home. No matter the technique, redesigning your old space will make your old home feel new again.

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