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December 15, 2017

5 Global Cities to Invest in Property in 2018

If you are looking for cities where your investments will yield better returns, the world’s leading investment destinations need to feature prominently on your list. These are the cities where investments in different sectors including real estate have a history of breaking even for investors. Here are five global cities you could invest in:

1. Las Vegas, US

This is a city that has registered growth in all aspects, an element that makes an ideal investment destination in the US. The real estate sector registers commendable performance, and you can easily find mansions for sale. The city registered a 3.7% growth in employment, which is the third highest growth overall. Its 1.7% population growth is considered better than other regions. In 2016, the value of homes in Las Vegas increased by about 10% while rental income grew by 5.5%, progress that is encouraging for investors

2. Prague, Czechia

Just this year, the cost of apartments in the city increased by 2.5% which translated to an annual rise of about 21%. Over the last two years, the price of homes has increased by over 30%. This is an increase that is ideal for any investor. Analysis done by Deloitte shows that the most expensive apartments are located in Prague 1 with the lowest priced ones being found in Prague 9 and 10 regions. Rising demand for apartment space has played a vital role in the rising property prices in this area. However, the rise of apartment prices is also a reflection of mortgage changes in the region.

3. London, UK

High returns on property investments made in London is an undeniable fact. House prices in this global city have risen by 76% since 2008 according to Nationwide reports. Another report shows an increase of 45.6% in property pricing since 2010. In 2016, experts projected a 5% increase in home prices, which means a reasonable return for any investor who is considering an investment. Besides the cost of purchase, there is a rise in rent prices across the city with some regions experiencing up to 3% increments. On average, weakly rent in the city is 628 pounds and this is likely to go up.

4. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a city that represents real value for investors seeking capital as well as cash flow growth. The city offers investors various suburbs that continue to attract demand due to lower pricing and affordability as well as upcoming infrastructural projects that attract populations seeking to leverage employment opportunities. The growing population also creates housing demand in the city that has previously recorded reduced vacancy rates of 2.2% in April 2017 and median rent of $420 per week in the metropolitan area.

5. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has a population that continues to grow, and its property market is now more active than ever. For the last one and half years, the price of used apartments has been increasing steadily, and the value of land went up across the country for the first time in about 8 years. The property sector seems to benefit from the affordable credit, which is fueling investment growth in the city.

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