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3 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

It’s a seller’s market in most cities across the United States. If your property is in any of the cities in this country, say, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, or Charleston, and you haven’t received an offer, something is wrong. Understanding the reason your property isn’t selling is an essential step towards resolving it. Here are the top reasons your home isn’t selling.

1. The poor condition of the property

Check out your competition. If you realize that 90 percent of the houses in your market aren’t selling, then your property must outshine the top ten percent. Check the homes that haven’t been bought as that’s your current home indicator. The pending sales data will reveal to you the homes that are selling.

In addition to preparing your property for sale, check its condition. Probably simple repairs and replacements could enhance its condition. If you notice that the top homes on the market have new carpeting and yours is torn, you may consider replacing it.

2. Your home is overpriced

Just like any other item in the market, the price is an important aspect when it comes to selling a house as is or buying it. Probably you think that a buyer will make an offer at a lower price, but that isn’t always the case. In most cases, property buyers are attracted to homes that are competitively priced.

Don’t be surprised that your home may not even show in most prospective buyers’ MLS searches if the price is too high. This is because internet users tend to filter their search results regarding price and other elements. Therefore, don’t scare away your potential buyers if you can price your property competitively.

It’s also wise to check the local price listings when determining the price for your property. Check properties with same square footage and age as yours. Compare their prices with yours. Does your property seem like a good deal? If not, you may consider lowering your price to attract offers.

3. The home advertising photos are subpar

Real estate professionals strongly believe that you have a few seconds to make the first and lasting impression when selling a house as is. Note that 90 percent of property buyers begin their search online and make a choice to come to check your home based on the quick skim of your listing photos.

If you have shared few or no photos, or you have share low-quality photos, most buyers will click on the next listing. Therefore, it’s advisable to get your home staged and photographed by a professional. That way, you can be sure of sharing appealing photographs of your property and attract many buyers.

Think about it…

A home down the street just sold, but yours hasn’t received a single offer over the last three months. Probably poor pricing, poor condition of the property, use of substandard images, and other issues such as choosing the wrong real estate agent, inappropriate renovations, and pet problems are scaring your prospects away. Addressing these issues enhances the chances of selling a house as is even without modifying it.

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