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Prague Gaming Summit 2019
November 27, 2018

Prague Gaming Summit 2019 Dates Announced

The Prague Gaming Summit is a favorite way for many in the technology or gaming industry to network, learn and come away with great ideas.

The annual gathering produced by European Gaming Events, formerly EEGE Events, the Prague Gaming Summit brings together hundreds of members of people eager to talk about trends, products, challenges, and opportunities, in addition to international regulations of gambling activity.

The first summit began in 2017, and now it is considered one of the leading events of its kind the region, although the Czech Republic still has a high level of regulation for gaming.
Registration is now taking place for the third-annual Summit, which takes place March 12, 2019, at the Vienna House Andel’s Prague.

Organizers hope to build on the success of the last two Summits, but also add new features to make it worth attending for new people as well as appealing for past visitors.

If the 2019 summit is anything like 2018, it’ll include:

  • More panel discussions. Past guests have suggested that presentations with groups of speakers rather than one expert at a time can be a better way to engage each other and the audience. More panels have also been added with representatives from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.
  • More workshops to help boost knowledge in certain relevant topics.
  • More networking sessions. A large focus of these types of events is the business contacts as well as social contacts that are created. Guests are able to make friends while putting great deals together.
  • Upcoming legislation that could impact online and casino gaming at local and national levels, including current regulations in the Czech Republic.

The various discussions will bring people together to talk about innovations as well as regulations and how the gaming industry can better target millennials. For example, offering different types of games besides traditional table games or online slots to get them excited, such as electronic sports, virtual sports, and fantasy sports.

At the same time, online casinos continue to look for ways to make traditional activities appealing for not just millennials but a wider variety of ages and types of players. Design features can include fun sounds, attractive visual design, and even licensed images and sound effects from favorite bands or movies.

Technology professionals also continue to focus on the role that Artificial Intelligence can play in activities such as sports betting. Computer algorithms may be able to make it easier for regular players to place bets on certain teams or players based on how they’ve bet in the past, or how a particular team could fare against another team, based on how they’ve been playing earlier in the season against other teams.

People who attend the Gaming Summit will be able to discuss what makes a particular game type or casino more appealing than another. It could help to highlight factors like ease of play and ability to bring home money when possible. Players should be aware that they’re likely not going to win every time they play, and nothing is guaranteed, but players do need to keep hoping that they win more often than they lose.

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