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February 6, 2015

Danish police coming to monitor Scandinavian students

Vacationing students in the past have trashed hotel rooms and set a fire

Prague, Feb 6 (ČTK) — Three Danish police officers have arrived in Prague to monitor the Scandinavian students, about 3,000 of whom are going to spend their vacation in Prague in the next two weeks, Czech police spokesman Tomáš Hulan told the Czech News Agency today.

The Danish officers, two men and a woman, will be in charge of possible negotiations with their compatriots.

Students from Denmark, Sweden and Norway will arrive in three waves.

The police came to Prague for the first time for the vacation in 2013, when Danish students repeatedly breached the peace in the city and made a number of offenses. They devastated furniture in hotels, for example.

Before their arrival in 2014, the Prague police invited their Danish counterparts to come to deal with the student visitors. Four Danish officers arrived then, and the students’ stay in the city was calmer than a year before.

This time the Prague police do not plan to increase the number of patrols, but the patrols on duty will focus on bars and pubs in the center of Prague, mainly at Wenceslas Square and its surroundings.

Hulan said the first wave of Scandinavian students will arrive on Saturday, in the evening at the latest.

In the expected three waves, a total of 900 Danes are to come, apart from 1,800 Swedes arriving in two waves and 300 Norwegians in a single wave, the police say, referring to data from travel agencies.

The police have reportedly registered information about a possible arrival of Dutch students.

A total of 10,000 Danes and Swedes came to Prague last year. During their stay, the police detained 284 of them who were drunk and aged under 18.

In the City Centre hotel a room rented by Swedes caught fire from a cigarette, which caused damage worth 1 million Kč.

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