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Why Alexandru Burducea Believes Community Work is Important

As the number of companies and high-profile individuals who promote community work grows, one must wonder why everyone has not jumped on-board with this trend yet. After all, given how positive the outcomes of aiding others are, it would be normal to expect people to do it often. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why individuals overlook the countless benefits of things like volunteer work. Insufficient resources and busy lifestyles tend to be amongst the most common causes. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize some of the most obvious advantages of giving back to the community as that can help raise awareness and increase the number of those who give back.

Building Rapport with the Community

Obviously, working with a specific group of people for a longer period will lead to a very strong rapport. For those unfamiliar, this means that the relationships one creates with others will be powerful. Consider, for example, people who spend their free time volunteering at a local food bank. During that time, they likely get to see dozens of individuals who need their services. Naturally, many of those people will build bonds with them as they are appreciative of their efforts. So, maintaining close and personable relationships with others can be one of the most rewarding byproducts of community work.

Meeting Diverse People

Going back to the food bank example above, one can also use it to make a point about diversity. Unfortunate events in people’s lives do not discriminate based on any particular demographic. In translation, if someone loses their home and must live on the street, their race, gender, ethnicity, or nationality will have absolutely nothing to do with the situation. Consequently, someone who goes to their local food bank every weekend, per se, will meet a large and diverse body of people from all walks of life. This will also help them expand their perspectives and see things from different points of view.

Applying One’s Knowledge

According to Doctor Alexandru Burducea, helping the community can also be accomplished by relying on someone’s professional skills. In other words, food banks, homeless shelters, and other volunteering opportunities are not the only venues built for outreach. On the contrary, there are so many different ways that someone can go about aiding people that it is impossible to list them all. For instance, someone like Doctor Alexandru Burducea can easily change another person’s life by doing pro-bono work. With such a high-level set of skills, taking advantage of the knowledge in exchange for no compensation can make a difference in someone’s life.

Helping People Achieve Their Goals

Another important way to help people in need is to push them closer to their dreams. After all, working with individuals who need basic necessities is not the only way to help the community grow. On the contrary, thousands of young adults would be ecstatic to get a mentor who can help them with their career. So, individuals who hold jobs in the professional field can work with younger generations to help them get better jobs. That way, they will also be creating an entire generation of people who will most likely come back and aid the community down the road. So, there is a potential for perpetuating success that may bring a lot of prosperity to the area.


Of course, it would be unfair to leave out self-fulfillment as one of the very common reasons as to why people help others. In reality, the vast majority of individuals do it because it makes them feel accomplished and selfless. Thus, their initial incentives come from within. Regardless, however, the fact that they get satisfaction by helping others is probably the most important part of the equation. Hence why leaving self-fulfillment out of the list would be unfair.

Building a Reputation

There is a reason why a lot of employers and higher education facilities ask for one’s volunteering history. Doing so gives them a perfect insight into the person’s levels of empathy and willingness to take action. Therefore, by helping one’s community for free, the person in question will slowly build their reputation up. So, if they ever need to showcase how they utilized free time, they can discuss the volunteering experience in great depth!

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