What Can You Do When Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence in St Petersburg, Florida?

People in relationships often have strong disagreements that lead to passionate arguments. The more intense the feeling and emotion between the individuals the more vigorous and explosive the fight is likely to be. But there is a difference between a disagreement that consists of loud and angry voices and one that ends in violence or threats of violence. The latter is sometimes confused with the former, especially when witnessed by third parties. And this can sometimes lead to the calling of law enforcement and an arrest.

If you have been arrested and charged with domestic violence, you are in serious trouble. Only a competent and experienced criminal lawyer can get you out of it.

A Domestic Dispute Has Led to Your Arrest. Now What?

Police who respond to domestic abuse complaints have options. If they determine that everyone is safe and there is no reason for immediate concern, they can caution the two individuals involved in the dispute and leave the premises. Or, they can arrest a person they suspect of abusing their partner.

If you have been so arrested, you should not resist. Indeed, one of the biggest dangers of police involvement in domestic dispute cases is the high tension and emotion that confront them. It can lead to an escalation of the situation. Local abuse calls have been known to end in a police shooting. That is why you should do nothing aggressive or threatening when the cops arrive. Be calm, courteous, and even-tempered. Don’t give the officers who have responded to the call a reason to use deadly force.

Why You Need an Attorney

If you have been arrested for domestic abuse, you will be taken into custody and put into a holding cell. You will also be interviewed at some point. You may be tempted to tell your side of the story. You may want desperately to clear your name of the charge. However, the first thing you should do after your arrest is to contact a criminal attorney. And you should exercise your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent until your lawyer arrives.

Once your lawyer gets to the place where you are being held, they will advise you on the questions you must answer and the way you should answer them. If you are not up to speaking to the police, your lawyer can speak on your behalf.

What Your Lawyer Will Do

In many cases, the charge of domestic abuse can be dropped and the accused set free by sitting down with the person who was allegedly abused. Your lawyer may be able to bring the two of you together so that you can talk through your differences without anger and hostility. If this isn’t possible, then your lawyer will work to prepare your defense.

Your partner may accuse you of domestic abuse to harass and disrupt your life. Lawyers who are experienced in domestic abuse cases know how to defend against such behavior and tactics. If there is no direct evidence of abuse, it will be harder for your accuser to prove their case. After the charges have been dropped or you have been acquitted of them, your lawyer will also help to rebuild your reputation.

If things go the other way, your lawyer can still help. Everyone makes mistakes. If you did act inappropriately or violently toward your partner, your lawyer could work with the prosecuting attorneys to reduce the penalty you will receive. This is much easier to do if it is your first offense.

If you have been charged with domestic abuse, you need legal representation. William Hanlon St Petersburg criminal attorney has extensive expertise and experience in helping people caught up in bad situations to get justice.

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