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Ty Ty Nursery’s Tips on How to Approach the Spring Gardening Season

Having a beautiful garden is quite a conversation starter whenever someone visits. And rightly so. A well-maintained garden can be a symbol of care, attention, patience, and hard work. Thus, it is no wonder that millions of Americans spend a lot of their free time tending to their yards.

Generally, however, spring tends to be the season when people are most focused on their garden-related work. The reason why has a lot to do with the temperature outside as it permits individuals to plant new seeds and maintain the pre-existing ones. So, how should people prepare for the spring gardening season?

Prepare Your Tools

To do any type of gardening, one will need a lot of different tools that allow them to do the work. Examples include everything from round and square-point shovels all the way to pruners and loppers. Well, the first step towards a beautiful garden is to ensure how one’s tools are up for the adventure. In other words, testing them to make sure that they have not fallen victim to rust, low temperatures, or breakage over the winter is crucial. Fortunately, this part of the process is not going to take a lot of time as one can generally identify any tools that need replacement by making a quick visit to their shed.

Organize and Clean Your Flower Beds

After making sure that the tools are in the proper working order, it is important to spend some time doing back-end tasks like arranging the flower beds and borders. Although this is not directly related to the flower work itself, it is mandatory to have a beautiful garden. More importantly, a lot of individuals fail to address these types of duties before getting their seeds. At that point, however, they will have a limited amount of time to figure out what kind of arrangement they want.

Know What You Are Looking For

According to Ty Ty Nursery, a plant nursery in Ty Ty, Georgia, no amount of work will compensate for lack of research. In translation, trying to plant the types of seeds that are not compatible with the region will often be a waste of time. The reason why is quite obvious, and it is the fact that they will not grow. So, those who are in the market for an outstanding garden should consult with experienced professionals and do online research about the seeds that will grow well in their area. Additionally, this stage is also crucial for making a planting plan that showcases where each seed will go and when. A good starting point would be to put the taller plants in the back so that they do not block the sunlight to every other seed in the garden.

Look for Pests

One of the most dangerous enemies of every garden are the various types of pests. Unfortunately, they are present in almost every market and must be addressed accordingly. A common course of action is to locate any hibernating pests and remove them before planting any new seeds. So, removing things like snails or slugs that might have found their home in the garden during the winter is borderline mandatory. Doing so will maximize the odds of having a fruitful season and becoming an owner of a truly wonderful garden.


Ultimately, Ty Ty Nursery reminds that one should not only focus on the work that comes at the front-end. Although those tasks are extremely important, they are only the beginning of a long endeavor. To have a nice garden, one will have to maintain it long after they do the initial planting. This means maintaining everything from the nearby fences and trellis to putting a new layer of mulch and getting rid of the drooping flowers.

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