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tough on drugs
August 3, 2019

Tough on Drugs: Todd Walls Shares His Mission To Clean Up The Streets of Kentucky

As former police chief of West Buechel Police Department and an integral part in getting drugs and proceeds of crime off Kentucky streets, Todd Walls has first-hand knowledge of the damaging effects drugs can have on the communities he has served.

Todd Walls has received a lot of calls for help over his long career from people in the grips of addiction. He strives to find them help as an alternative to getting them off the streets for the sake of safety. His efforts also targeted several dealers to get more drugs out of circulation.

Todd Walls continues to focus on making a positive impact on his community and on the drug problem in the area while showing genuine concern for those affected by it.

Drug Abuse Remains a Serious Problem

The addiction crisis continues to be a significant concern in Kentucky. Todd Walls mentions a poll from early 2019 showing that almost 30 percent of adults in the state know someone struggling with drug abuse. Despite this, a large portion of those with a drug problem is not seeking treatment to manage the addiction, so the cycle is repeating itself.

As part of his ongoing efforts to curb drug activity in the area, Todd Walls’s departments frequently shut down several drug houses where needles were found strewn inside.

During his two decades of dedication to law enforcement, Walls helped successfully convict several high-level drug dealers between 2007 and 2015 working directly with informants – an accomplishment he earned strong commendation.

Heroin and Fentanyl: The Newest and Biggest Threat

The poll mentioned earlier determined that 36 percent of respondents said the person they knew that was struggling with drugs was using heroin. Meth ranked second and showed to be on the rise.

One of the biggest dangers of heroin use is the potential for harmful contents, and this is why police officers like Todd Walls have worked for years to rid them from neighborhoods. When a person buys heroin from the streets, there is always a chance it can be laced with fentanyl, a powerful synthetic narcotic that has been tied to countless overdoses throughout North America.

Overdose deaths from opiates aren’t new to Kentucky. Kentucky experienced more than 1,500 overdose deaths in 2017 alone, ranking fifth deadliest in the country.

Dealing With Dealers

As Todd Walls can tell you, many dealers risk it all simply because there’s significant money to be made. The reason why he focuses not only on the users of illicit drugs but also those who trade or produce them illegally. He has put a lot of resources into confiscating drug money, running an undercover program and working with other agencies to bring down dealers.

As a police chief, he was also instrumental in getting approval for the federal E-Share program that streamlines the sharing of proceeds from forfeited assets among different levels of law enforcement agencies.

Public Education is Key

Todd Walls’s career-focused not only on getting drugs off the street by playing a pivotal role in drug busts, but also by educating other officers and contributing to public knowledge at large. He has helped develop the Field Training Officer program for his department as part of this mission.

Meanwhile, with the growing concern about heroin and fentanyl use, the Kentucky Office of Drug Control Policy continues its mission to raise awareness about the problem and provide more access to treatment. It also outlines stricter penalties for high-level dealers.

Todd Walls Stays Connected with His Community

The law enforcement approach of Todd Walls has been to interact with people at street level during patrols. He genuinely cares about the people in his community and tries to make a positive difference in their lives.

He engages with the community in other ways too. He is involved in local sports, and his church continues to strive for a future where families in his community can remain healthy and happy.

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