Tony Mariot Analyzes Why and How Christianity Maintains its Cultural Impact in America

Christianity has been part of the fabric of America since the first European colonists arrived on its shores. Christianity provides the backbone of America’s cultural identity and informs the values and goals of the nation as a whole. Without Christianity, America would be a very different place. Current pressures to remove Christianity from the public sphere have resulted in damaging effects on the country. Tony Mariot explains how Christianity maintains its cultural impact in America, naming some of the reasons why Christianity is essential to American life as it has come to be known.

Shared Values

In an ideal world, everyone would share the beliefs that are the cornerstones of Christianity. The Ten Commandments provide a solid moral grounding for the country. Too often, political leaders make the mistake of claiming that they are aligned with Christian values and then betray them by their actions. Christian Americans must stand up against these assaults on their values and immediate consequences for leaders who do not take these values seriously.

The ideals of Christianity present a way forward for this country. The basic tenets of faith create positive interactions between different groups in the community. As a Christian, value is a principle of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. The fundamental teaching of Jesus has the potential to transform public life in America, where an atmosphere of discord and disrespect have caused public discourse to turn sour.

Christianity in Popular Culture

While America has become more diverse in its religious background, most of the holidays and observances in public life are related to Christianity. Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving all have a great deal of importance to religious life. Secular Americans have adopted the basics of these celebrations, but they have not taken the spirit of the holidays to heart.

As the population grows, more people should be encouraged to adopt Christianity as their religion. Rather than proselytizing, Christians need to reflect the values that they want to impart to the public. By showing a positive example, people will be naturally drawn to Christianity.

Society’s Institutions

Christianity has had a positive impact on society’s institutions. Christian leaders can deal with the challenges of life because they know that their faith will always be there to help them through difficult times. It is possible to be an effective leader without being a Christian, but the underlying moral compass of a Christian leader is ideal for America.

Since our country abides by the separation of church and state, there is a vanishing place in the public schools for Christianity. People of faith should consider sending their children to religious schools where they have a good chance of being surrounded by a healthy community.

Strong Communities

Using Christian values, communities can become stronger. When every person in a community understands the value of working toward the common good, they can benefit even the most vulnerable citizens. Faith-based organizations provide the backbone of American charitable work.

Christian principles can help communities create a positive space for all. If everyone loves and respects their neighbors, a positive sense of community can be built. Faith-based organizations can help to create this sense of community.

Above all, a principle of fairness will help Christians to guide their communities in difficult times.

Business Ethics

Businesses owned by Christians should show their values at any possible opportunity. The principles of integrity and charitable giving should form the institutions’ compass. Companies need to flourish financially to take care of all of the families that depend on them, but they should also consider instituting charitable programs in their community. Donating to worthy causes can present a positive example for the surrounding community.

Shady and underhanded business dealings do not make a positive impact on society. True Christians should be able to steer their coworkers away from these interactions. Taking faith and integrity seriously can build a better future for companies as well as the community in which they are placed.

Christianity’s Impact on American Culture

Using these core principles, Christianity can make a positive impact on the American landscape. Despite the current pressures to create a secular public discourse, Christian communities can be proud of the fact that they are helping their communities grow.

Tolerance of other religions is one of the most important guiding principles in today’s world. While other religions do not share all of Christianity’s beliefs, there is enough common ground that other faiths such as Judaism can create positive public discourse as well. Becoming a united faith community will create a positive example for youth.

Tony Mariot reminds people of faith that all of their actions are important when it comes to supporting Christianity. Giving lip service to Christian ideals while conducting themselves in an unbecoming fashion only gives ammunition to those who believe that Christianity does not deserve a place in the American public sphere. Through good works, Christians can stay relevant in today’s culture.

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