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March 18, 2021

Thomas Pacchioli Explains How To Start Your Own Business In The Electrical Industry

Running your own business takes more than just time and hard work. To run your business successfully, it pays to think about everything a customer needs. The electrical industry requires both skill and trust. These two issues run parallel to a technician’s experience in the field.

What Does The “Electrical Industry” Mean?

The power industry does not necessarily refer to electronics. Instead, the electrical industry is used to supply energy to commercial and residential customers. Experienced electricians such as Thomas Pacchioli, can work on several different projects.

Electricians are necessary for a variety of industries. Healthcare, casinos, and educational institutions are all potential clients when running a business in the electrical industry. By distributing power to essential businesses and hospitals, your services become indispensable.

A career in the electrical industry can be lucrative. By owning your company, there is the freedom to set your hours and protocol. Unlike many other businesses, there are unique steps to take before opening up a shop. 

Benefits of Being An Electrician

There are several benefits to becoming an electrician. The lifestyle of owning your own company can create a sense of freedom and pride. After acquiring the proper education to learn how to safely work in the electrical industry, owning your own business can be enjoyable and profitable.

One of the main reasons people choose the electrical industry is for job security. An electrician provides a valuable service simply by powering businesses and homes. Almost everything is run through electricity and a shortage or outage can create major problems. A reliable electrician can work anywhere. 

Being your boss is another desirable feature of owning an electrical business. If you prefer to get work done in your way, nobody can argue. Being your boss means you have the final say on how much to charge, when to work, and what policies are put into place.

5 Steps To Run An Electrical Business

There are a variety of marketable services an electrician can perform. Thomas Pacchioli offers services in nursing homes, theaters, student housing, and more. By understanding multiple different uses for your skills, your customer base can expand.

Measuring Profits

The first step to running a successful business is practiced through measurement. By measuring profits, you can have a clear idea of how much money is made and what expenses are necessary. To understand if you are running the company as efficiently as possible, comparing your business to a similar business can prove very helpful.

Business Plans

Secondly, remember your business plan. A business plan should include what specific goals you have for the business as well as how you will reach them. Concrete numbers are important for a business plan because it gives direction and showcases what can be changed and what can stay the same.

Understanding Customers

Understand your customers. Since the electrical industry can serve multiple businesses, it’s crucial to know what your value is. Doing business with those who own a non-profit may be different than working with a casino. Having a firm grasp on relationship-building skills can help you attain and retain customers.

Correct Tools

Don’t forget your tools. Every business has a different set of tools depending on what needs to be done. Thomas Pacchioli can use physical tools such as a test light or fish tape, but he also uses problem-solving tools. Certain jobs may not always go as planned and keeping a calm mentality while reevaluating the situation can come in handy. 


Know your price. Some business owners assume if they charge less for a project, they will receive more work. Others assume if they ask higher, they can make more money on average. In general, this kind of pricing can ebb and flow. Researching what competitors are charging for similar services is a good way to know where you stand. Since extremes rarely work out, staying away from the lowest or highest price is preferable. 

Running a business takes persistence. Luckily, electricians are always a valuable part of society that almost everyone will need at some point. To run most businesses, extensive marketing campaigns are necessary with customized websites and advertising. While some of this may be a wise investment, the amount of marketing needed is far less than most companies. To better understand how to market a business, first understand the competition in your location and how they market their business. 

Safety Regulations

A successful electrical business never skimps on safety. Safety should be the number one concern in any electrical business. Only trained electricians should work at an electrical company. Untrained technicians can be exposed to major risks if they are unaware of sophisticated electrical systems. 

The Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration’s safety standards are for the protection of employees who may be exposed to danger. These dangers can include electric shock, electrocution, explosions, and fire. When putting in place safety regulations, employees must understand them before working.

Common electrical injuries can include contact with power lines and faulty equipment. Improper use of flexible cords may also be a danger. Providing insulation, protective devices, and grounding can help block some of these dangers from affecting employees. 

The electrical industry is one of the few industries that can provide job security. A trained electrical technician can earn money living almost anywhere in the world. Once you know how to set up an electrical business, you can work when you want and how you want. Freedom is both liberating and secure.

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