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“Tana Taylor Adoption” Climb Up to the Top

As one of the most popular photography companies in the Los Angeles vicinity, “Tana Taylor Adoption” brings a unique concept to business. The unstoppable pair, Tana Ava Taylor and Rose Hamilton specifically focus their lenses on families with recently adopted children. This special interest in families with adopted children comes from Taylor’s unique story of being adopted by her family as a child. Stretching their skills and using photography to celebrate a family’s accomplishment of their child’s adoption process, the pair’s popularity has soared. With degrees in fine arts and consistent improvements and efforts behind the camera, both women are significant contributors to the business.

Taylor and Rose created the business as a protected platform where individuals can be openly expressive without fearing feelings of any judgment. Although, working together as a pair, the two women have their own unique styles of photography, which is beneficial to the business. With the various difficulties they faced as entrepreneurs, they continued building to become the successful business they are today.

What team-bonding activities does your company do?

We do our best to keep our studio and work at a relaxed atmosphere that doesn’t become overwhelming. This is a significant factor, but one of our favorite team building activities is playing our favorite music as we shoot. This is a fantastic way to start our work days, get our staff and clients feeling loose and set the atmosphere to a happy one. We are both very laid back, energetic and full of life, so we try to keep staff around us with the same or similar personalities.

How do you fight off the competition and new companies in your market?

In fighting off competition, we try not to focus too much on our competition and how they are running their own business. There is room for all to excel, as long as we stay in our lane, provide value to our customers and continue remaining unique. There’s a uniqueness to services we offer, unlike other photographers, which is something competitors don’t relate to. We always build strong and long-lasting relationships with families, which also tremendously helps in standing out.

What type of marketing campaigns help your business the most?

In today’s world of social media, we take to platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook when advertising. We have found these to be the most popular and effective ways to reach our ideal and targeted audience. Between social media, SEO and word of mouth, our marketing efforts seem to pay off as they are consistently effective in bringing us desired results.

Would you ever consider expanding to the West Coast?

We launched our business in Los Angeles, California, which is already on the west coast because we felt this was the best market for it. Although we are already located here, we definitely have expansion plans expected to grow the business even further within the west coast.

How does working with your family affect your relationship with them?

Working with our families is one of the best ideas we have, and it always seems to work out just great. Both of us are entrepreneurs and family oriented, but there are times we get busy spending endless hours working. It’s always great when our families can be a part of photo-shoots or come into the studio to help out. They love helping out with the business because it’s fun for them and we both get a chance to do our work and spend time with family.

What does the future hold for your company?

Without giving away too much, we have plenty planned up our sleeves for Tana Taylor Adoption. We are already located in Los Angeles, but we hope to expand by opening up more locations. It will be within the greater Los Angeles area and potentially in Orange County or Pasadena.

Can you give us a brief overview of your education?

We both have a degree in arts, but there’s nothing like self-teaching through refining and practice. We decided to go back to school to earn our degrees because it helped in sharpening our skills and offering clients our best. Our formal education has been helpful in establishing our name and building our brand as a photography duo.

What are some of your day-to-day duties nowadays?

On any given day, I can boldly say our activities change and evolve. On an ideal day, we both like to start our days with our families before coming into the studio to prepare for the day or conduct a shoot. Our days tend to be hectic because even on days we aren’t scheduled to shoot, there’s always something to be done. Most recently, our days look like back to back shoots because we’re fortunate enough to be consistently booked.

What is one last thing you want to leave with the readers?

The focus of our business being on adoption, we say be sure to use your uniqueness to your advantage. Because our unique abilities make us stand out, we sometimes simply want them to go away but standing out has been our weapon and the most vital key to success.

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