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Sudhir Choudhrie
June 26, 2020

Sudhir Choudhrie: Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Heart Transplant Survivor

A Great Start After Overcoming the Odds

Sudhir Choudhrie was born in Delhi, India, in 1949 to a proud mom who served as an exceptional caregiver and role model throughout his life. When he was just eight years old, she took him to the doctor for a checkup to discover that he had a leaky valve in his heart. Although a lifetime of health problems followed, he never let that complication deter him from success. 

He finished his schooling with high marks and earned a spot at the University of Delhi. While there, he focused on studying economics to prepare for a rewarding career. After graduating, he briefly worked at his grandfather’s real estate business before venturing off. 

In his first venture, he opened up shop as a lead resale expert with a focus on UK television equipment. It generated a lot of interest, especially from government officials in India, as they expanded TV stations across the country. He was then able to expand his wares to include other popular goods, including farm equipment. 

His Commitment to Improving Trade

As his business grew, he created the Magnum International Trading Company in 1975. With that move, he became a major player in the export market across India and beyond. He instantly made waves and attracted the attention of many other business owners in the field. It allowed him to share his expertise and gain a loyal following that expanded his personal and professional network. 

As a result of those networking efforts, he was able to partner with Taj Hotels and Resorts in 1995. Through this venture, he helped develop four popular resorts that achieved great success in the coming years. He also partnered with Adidas AG around that time to create a local branch named Adidas Indian Trading. It brought nearly 200 shoe stores and many manufacturing plants to India. 

Key Partnerships in the Business World

Upon making a name for himself, Choudhrie was able to join many other companies to promote their growth across the globe. He first hopped on the Ebookers PLC team in 1993, becoming their non-executive director. He stayed on board until 2005 while simultaneously investing in the budding airline, Air Deccan, in 2003. With his support, this airline went from a single plane to over 200 flights per day in five short years. 

Choudhrie became well-known for remedying fundamental business problems that impeded growth, helping companies get back on track quickly. His efforts went beyond growth to risk management, ensuring that future challenges did not derail the companies. 

The Battle for Life Through Transplant Surgery

Although he remained focused on professional growth, health problems continued to plague Choudhrie. In 1996, his heart began to fail due to the extra work it had to compensate for the leaky valve. By 1998, both sides were failing, making it necessary to have a heart transplant. An accumulation of fluid in the abdomen and malnutrition made the operation much more difficult, but thanks to his talented doctors, it was a success. 

The lethargy, frequent infections, and other health problems virtually disappeared upon receiving the new heart. This gave him a new lease on life that allowed him to hit the ground running. The improved quality of life inspired him to write a book about the experience and encourage others to make the most of their situation. He believes a positive attitude and zest for life can go a long way in ensuring excellent outcomes for those facing health problems of all kinds. 

After the surgery, he turned his attention to politics in support of the Liberal Democrat party. In 2015, he was appointed as an advisor to Tim Farron to improve business and social relationships between Britain and India. 

How He Strives to Give Back to the Community

As Choudhrie achieved great professional success, he built his wealth and eventually made his way to billionaire status. He looked to give back to the community through many different philanthropy efforts, especially in the education and health fields. Via the Choudhrie Family Foundation, he acts as a key benefactor of the University of Oxford and the Columbia University Medical Center

Beyond his charity work, he gives back to the world by maintaining a huge collection of amazing vintage cars. In his HuffPost piece, Choudhrie explains, “I love old cars, but my interest goes back even further to the pre-war years. I collect vintage cars -defined as any car built before December 1939 – and I have been lucky enough to acquire a substantial collection since buying my first one in 1980.” He restores the cars, bringing them back to their former glory for all to enjoy. Under his protection, they will remain in phenomenal condition for future generations to learn about and admire. 

Throughout his career, Sudhir Choudhrie has never let health problems or other challenges get in his way. He has always maintained a great attitude and focused on the future, even as his heart began failing. By taking that approach, everyone can get what they want out of life, as long as they pair a positive mindset with hard work.

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