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The Skills Gregory Englesbe Believes are Needed to Maintain a Successful Business

Although everyone is eligible to start their business, very few possess the skills needed to make it thrive. After all, it takes a special combination of talents to perpetuate growth and make a venture profitable. Luckily, the trial and error stage is where most of the necessary skills can be developed. That way, even those that may not be natural-born moguls can still succeed. So, what are some of the common skills that should be brought into the conversation when discussing business victories?

Finance Expertise

As an Investment Banker, Gregory Englesbe, notices, everything in business revolves around finance. Whether one is starting a small sole proprietorship that will perform services or has an international company that sells goods does not matter. Their bottom line goals will be impossible to reach absent proper knowledge of finance.

Some of the things that fall within this category include the ability to create feasible budgets, stay on track with expenses, revamp costs, increase margins, and so on. Ultimately, simply understanding the basics of complicated concepts like the time value of money can help businessmen and women reach their full potential.

Impeccable Networking

The next important skill that every entrepreneur should have is the ability to create and maintain fruitful relationships. This is needed because practically everything in the world of business is based on connections. Sellers need them when dealing with suppliers, buyers need them when looking for a new provider, and so on. Therefore, individuals who want to establish a solid client base as well as build an efficient team should enjoy networking with people. If they do not, attracting individuals to interact with the business may be difficult and their longevity could be compromised.

Communication Proficiency

Of course, if the person has poor communication abilities, their networking skills will be non-existent. This means being comfortable conversating with those who may be familiar as well as those who someone may see for the first time. The reason why it is a common area of struggle is the fact that it requires the entrepreneur to leave their comfort zone. Just consider, for example, how many millions of people suffer from anxiety caused by public speaking. Well, to run a successful venture, one will eventually have to overcome such problems.


Leading a business is impossible if the person cannot lead their subordinates. After all, according to Gregory Englesbe, the success of an operation is directly tied to the success of a team. So, entrepreneurs who have difficulties taking charge and guiding others will not be powerful authority figures. As a consequence, it will be extremely hard to get others to do as needed without seeming bossy and causing long-term resentment. With those who master the skills of leadership, however, demonstrating what needs to be done is extremely easy. Moreover, getting others to do as said is seldom going to be a problem when the leader is liked by those beneath them.

Time Management and Planning

Although all of the skills mentioned above are equally important when running a business, none of them are as closely related to long-term success as time management and planning. This is because most of the previous abilities can be attained with the right amount of training and experience. Time management expertise, however, comes from within and may be impossible to teach. After all, individuals that are not proficient with their schedules are rarely going to revamp their ways successfully.

With skills like finance and communication, on the other hand, there are tangible training sessions or even university classes that can come in handy. Such resources are unavailable for those who need help with time management.

Selling Skills

In the end, every businessman and businesswoman has to be able to sell things at will. This may mean selling their own characters to potential associates or negotiating favorable contract terms. Not to mention how important is it to be an effective seller when working in product-based industries. Even those who are not directly tied to the sales department will have to possess some of these skills to ensure that their future is not compromised. Why? Well, conversions are directly tied to how efficient someone’s sales department is. In the long-run, this is what makes or breaks a business as the entrepreneur showcases their ability to attract prospective buyers and turn them into repeat customers!

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