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Siu Lui Shirley Choi Explains the Complex Role of Music and Mobile Apps in Combating Climate Change

It may seem far-fetched that music and apps can help the planet, but Siu Lui Shirley Choi is at the forefront of this movement. Her studio, Happy Diamond Music, produces many different apps that help children learn about the environment. Through these fun and educational apps, young children can learn about environmental concerns that impact the whole world. It is never too early nor too late to learn how to treat the Earth properly, and Happy Diamond Music has become an important part of environmental education for young children.

Happy Diamond Music

Happy Diamond Music’s programs include Miniwalla, a story about an animal sanctuary in Indonesia. Children love to interact with this app, meeting new animal friends around every corner. Another popular app in Happy Diamond’s repertoire is Migalolo, the Ocean Musical. In this story, a young boy is transformed into a dolphin and learns about the undersea environment. Gulangyu, the Musical Rescue, focuses on the problem of global warming and shows children how they can positively impact the environment. Kakamega, the Rainforest Story, shows the plight of the rainforests which are harvested too heavily to allow the animals and plants to survive.

As these children grow up, they will be more likely to fight for environmental change. Teaching young children to love and respect the planet may not affect the world right away, but it aims to have a lasting impact far into the future, according to Siu Lui Shirley Choi. Children who have been taught to think of themselves as environmental stewards will be more likely to fight for the planet as they grow older.

Musical Impact

Music is a powerful means of transmitting information. Since it combines vocal and instrumental aspects, music can truly touch a person’s mind and heart in a way that other forms of communication cannot. Adults can be influenced by music about environmental topics, just as children are. Music cannot make changes on its own, but it can help to change people’s hearts and minds.

Environmental Science Apps

Many people are concerned with negative news stories about the environment. Global warming is beginning to make a major impact on global temperatures and massive weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes. Scientists track these changes using computer programs and mobile apps, sharing this data with their colleagues in hopes of finding solutions that will benefit the planet.

Apps can also encourage adults to make healthier choices on behalf of the planet. Apps are available that help adults make the right choices about energy use. Reducing the use of fossil fuels can make a large impact on global warming if enough people take this message to heart. Mobile apps and websites spread this information to a wide segment of the public. This helps environmentally conscious consumers to encourage their friends and relatives to make more environmentally friendly choices in their daily lives.

Dealing with Skeptics

Some people are skeptical about the true impact of global warming. Scientists and concerned individuals can use technology to convince people that global warming is harming the environment. It may be difficult to change people’s minds, but with the overwhelming amount of evidence gathered by environmental scientists, change is possible.

Music and Stories Help the Planet

Spreading the word about environmental problems like global warming can be achieved through stories and music. Everyone, especially children, should be taught the benefits of environmental friendliness. To preserve our ecosystem for future generations, everyone needs to work together to create positive changes. The work of Siu Lui Shirley Choi has become important in teaching young children to take care of our planet.

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