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Shankar Rajendran Demonstrates the Power of Social Media

According to the latest findings, over 77 percent of the population in the United States is present on social media. That, of course, includes multiple platforms and is not limited to one particular website. Although these calculations are a little lower than they were in 2017, the popularity of social media remains unprecedentedly high. So, what exactly is the power of online networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and similar platforms?

Connecting People

Of course, the first reason why social media is so powerful is its unparalleled ability to connect people. Given that all one has to possess is an internet-enabled device, the cost of interacting with others is quite low. Meaning, not only do people have the ability to reach others from across the world, they often get to do it for free. After all, the vast majority of all social media platforms allow free registration.

One great example that showcases the true strength of social media to connect people is the growth of business-oriented websites. For instance, once Facebook reached its current success levels, many proprietors saw it as a good alternative for companies to find employees. From that point on, websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and many more started pouring in. For those unfamiliar, these are the social-media-like networks where people use online connectivity to further their careers.

Helping Businesses

Although the previous point about professional connection via social media touches on this, social media also helps businesses. Importantly, this does not only revolve around recruiting. In fact, the power of social media lies in online advertisement. As Mark Zuckerberg recently stated when interviewed by the United States Congress, Facebook’s main revenue comes from ads. Consider, for example, how entrepreneurs and corporations utilize the power of social media for public campaigning.

Also, think about the notion of “viral” posts which recently became a household term. It is an instance in which someone’s post becomes popular enough for millions of people to see it. Well, it is hard to imagine a better alternative to raising conversion rates and improving brand awareness than through such promotions. Not to mention that the cost of doing so easily beats options like TV or even radio marketing.

Promoting Entrepreneurs

Besides social media’s power to help large organizations, it is also a great tool for sole proprietors. For example, Shankar Rajendran is one of the many professionals who were able to take advantage of social media and develop a business. Like many others, he specialized in online marketing that takes place on websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Given the complexity of advertising campaigns online, people like Shankar Rajendran can simplify the way brands handle their marketing.

Thus, social media is single-handedly allowing creative entrepreneurs to build their own projects. Absent these platforms, many marketers would not be able to fully utilize their skills related to targeting and customized interest groups.

Sharing Current Topics

Another widespread use of social media goes back to public events. Meaning, people often use it to stay informed and catch up with the latest developments in the world. For example, think about the way that Twitter offers a separate tab showcasing current trends. This is where the most common terms that people used in their recent posts are grouped.

So, for instance, consider Independence Day in the United States. Given that a lot of people may be posting about this holiday when it takes place, some trends might involve “4th of July” or “Independence Day.” Other important events are usually displayed through the top trends in the exact same manner. Expectedly, many people tend to use social media to get informed on the current happenings in their circles.

Facilitating Philanthropy

Ultimately, social media plays the role of a middleman that connects those in need with people who can help. Going back to the notion of viral posts, these are often used to provide aid to those in need, like with Red Cross during relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey. Thus, it is necessary to recognize that these platforms actively enable people to help others and even bridge the gap between economic classes.

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