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Sean Lourdes Tips for Staying Positive in a World Charged with Negativity

In the media today, there is a constant influx of negativity. The news presents struggle and conflict, as well as many forms of human cruelty. Politics have become acrimonious and charged with anger. In today’s high-pressure world, it is challenging to retain a sense of balance. Cushioning oneself against the world’s overwhelming negativity can be a difficult process. New and distressing events happen constantly.

Being overwhelmed with the negative aspects of life happens not only in our personal lives but also as a society. When we see nothing but bad news, that is what we are conditioned to expect. Sean Lourdes, a business executive, and present philanthropist suggestions for those who want to stay focused on the positive in such a negative world.

The Power of Religion

While religion can be used as a dividing factor in society, pitting rival religions against one another, it can have a deeply positive impact on society as a whole. Religion represents coming together to support one another and to place good intentions on the positive aspects of life. Religious groups often support charitable endeavors in their local community and around the world.

Religious people need to be careful not to let the negative connotations, such as prejudice, overtake their spiritual practice. When people stay positive, religion can be a major force for good in society.


Focusing on educating young people is another positive aspect of society. Fostering children’s curiosity and their need to explore the world is highly rewarding. Children need to be supported at home and in school to reap the benefits of education. Helping children access proper education can be a huge help to communities around the world. Education is something that people in developed countries take for granted, but it is a highly prized commodity in many places around the world.

When we as a society support education, we are putting our faith in the future. Society will benefit from young people’s energy and ideas for years to come.

Environmental Concern

While many people use environmental impact as a scare tactic, the natural world needs to be preserved. Helping to make the world more eco-friendly is a positive way to react to negative news stories. Start small by reducing the amount of single-use plastic in your daily life and work up to such environmentally friendly choices as installing solar or wind power at your home and business.

When everyone works together to care for the Earth, that makes a powerful pushback against the constant negative news about the environment. When large corporations and governments work together to solve environmental problems, they will keep the world safe for future generations.


One of the most negative aspects of today’s world is the acrimony in politics. Rival groups are so deeply divided, it seems as if they will never reach the common ground needed to make progress. It is difficult for people who are involved in partisan politics to breach this divide. Individual constituents may feel that they have little to no power in this arena, but they can do their part by helping to elect politicians who have less stark views of the world.

Another important way to effect positive change is to become involved in the political process. Volunteering, contributing funds, and running for office give people the opportunity to work against the divide.

For individuals, it is best to avoid consuming news too often during the day. Set aside a specific time of day to catch up on the news rather than letting the news cycle dominate your thoughts throughout the day. This will give you a better perspective on life and let you focus on what is most important to you.

Be Positive

Sean Lourdes has offered these suggestions for people who want to reduce the negative feelings in today’s deeply divided society. Overall, it is crucial that people remain focused on the positive. Taking action in any one of these four areas will help a person feel as if they are doing good in the world.

Above all, it is necessary to keep oneself from falling into the trap of aggressively partisan politics. Retaining a balanced view of life will reduce negativity and make our society more productive for everyone.

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