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Richard Zahn Discusses Investing and Construction

Richard Zahn is a private investor that has been involved with many construction projects. In the past, he served as a Chief Executive Officer for the ZMG Construction after completing 12 years of service for the 245th Psyops Airborne CO. Special Operations Command of the U.S. Army.

Having studied an MBA degree from Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame in 2012, Richard Zahn is one of the most well-rounded businessmen in the field of construction. In his recent endeavors, he has been a principal investor for the Prospect Construction and Development in Longwood, Florida. He also has a successful track record when it comes to investing in certain real estate opportunities to which he dedicated over a decade of his career.

Richard Zahn is also a licensed FAA pilot that went through the Delta Comair Aviation Academy in the early 2000s. Before that, he completed his associate’s degree in 1991 at the Fayetteville Technical Community College. The far-reaching diversity that characterizes his professional life is hard to find elsewhere as he also spent some time studying abroad in Europe at the University of Maryland and went through the graduate program at the SC Basic Law Enforcement Academy.

What brought you to the construction field?

My family has a history of being involved in the construction business. Also, some of my friends own companies in this area. Although I have only had a chance to meet this industry through occasional real-life experiences of manual labor, I believe that it is one of the most profitable areas for investors who understand it. Not to mention how rewarding it is to be a part of something from the very beginning and watch it grow over time.

How did you get started with investing?

I spent many years saving most of the money that I was earning. At one point, I realized that I had saved enough to either not work for the rest of my days or to try and make some opportunities for myself. Since I have always been a person to do twenty different things at once, resting does not come naturally to me. So, I decided to learn a thing or two about investing and see if I can double what I saved. After a while, it evolved into a passion that I wanted to dedicate all my efforts to. Now, it is my full-time job.

Does your military background play a role in your current career?

Absolutely. The type of organization and responsibility that the military instills in you is second to none. Furthermore, the rules about the chain of command have helped me always know my place in the business environments. That can be a rather important skill when negotiating with potential buyers or sellers who are looking to bargain a better price out of you.

Is there anything you wish you had a chance to learn?

I somehow never got into the whole idea of cryptocurrency. Since most of my investments are very conservative and old-fashioned in nature, getting on board with something so progressive has been a little difficult. Nonetheless, numbers indeed speak for themselves, and I have witnessed these investments grow more than anything I ever placed my money in. I may try to decipher how this market operates in the future.

What are some of your most recent projects?

I spend most of my time overseeing investment opportunities around Florida. Prospect Construction and Development has been growing outside the Longwood area, and I do my best to keep up with the growth.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

It would be impossible to answer that question accurately. I am a person that has extensive combat training, a lengthy educational background, and a rich portfolio as a private investor. Trying to anticipate my next move is something that I am still learning to do.

What do you do outside of your work?

I enjoy spending time with my business associates and friends outside of our offices. Football Sundays, barbecue weekends, and other gatherings have always been my favorite way of relaxing. The true value of a casual conversation with someone cannot be quantified in dollar amounts, especially if it comes after a long and tiresome day.

What is your advice for young entrepreneurs?

Try multiple things and find what fits your style. Even if you are currently working a job that you do not dislike, there might be something else that your expertise can guide you through a lot better. I used to see nothing beyond the world of military yet now I am proud to have worked as a CEO and private investor for some of the largest construction companies in this area.

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