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Frank Roessler
January 17, 2018

Interview With Multi-Family Real Estate Investor Frank Roessler

Frank Roessler is the founder and president of Ashcroft Capital, a multi-family real estate investment firm where he brings over a decade’s worth of experience in real estate investment and asset management.

Mr. Roessler attended Bucknell University as an undergraduate student where he earned his Electrical Engineering degree in 2001. He then went on to participate in UCLA’s Anderson School of Management MBA program and received his master’s degree in 2008.

Soon after graduating with his MBA, Mr. Roessler secured the position of Acquisitions Analyst at M&A Real Estate Partners. This position taught him the conservative institutional approach to underwriting and valuing commercial real estate. In 2012 he then became the Asset Manager of the firm’s entire $500,000,000 portfolio. This position taught him the practical application process of the business plans that were formed by the acquisition team. These opportunities gave Mr. Roessler the experience that he needed to begin his entrepreneurial venture of starting Ashcroft Capital.

As the founder and managing principal, Mr. Roessler oversees all aspects of strategic planning and company operations at Ashcroft Capital. Some of Mr. Roessler’s direct responsibilities include the oversight and implementation of acquisitions, due diligence, property management, asset management, debt placement and maintaining broker relationships. Under Mr. Roessler’s guidance, his team focuses on buying a multi-family real estate in major MSA’s which demonstrate strong apartment fundamentals such as consistent rent growth and low vacancy rates. As of 2017, Ashcroft Capital has acquired over $250,000,000 of real estate and currently owns roughly 3,000 apartment units.

Have you always been interested in real estate investing?

I would say that I have always been interested in systems thinking and looking at the big picture. As a high school student and then a college student at Bucknell, I was always thinking critically about how things fit together. I was excited about the electrical engineering program because it allowed me to work with systems. I took that knowledge and applied it to a more prominent picture — finance and investing. I began to get serious about real estate investing in particular while studying for my MBA at UCLA.

What made you decide to start your own company?

I thoroughly enjoyed my work with M&A Real Estate Partners, and my time with that firm taught me a great deal about how to make strong investments and minimize risk. I found that I had many ideas for acquisitions of my own, and it seemed to be the appropriate next step for me, as far as my career was going. It was a very organic decision, and I don’t think it surprised anyone in my circle.

Do you like working for yourself?

I enjoy the freedom that comes with being the president of Ashcroft Capital, and to be honest, I like the sense of responsibility as well. Some people shy away from that kind of pressure, but for me, it feels especially gratifying. My work has always had stressful aspects, but that stress gives offers me incredible clarity. If I didn’t have some stress, I would wonder what I was doing wrong — what edge I was shying away from.

What is the one accomplishment that you are most proud?

I have had many proud moments over the last three years. Each one of Ashcroft Capital’s significant purchases gave me a sense that the company was growing in the right direction. In 2015 we purchased our first asset, Woodglen Village Apartments, an apartment community in Houston, Texas, with 250 units. That accomplishment was one that will always stand out in my mind.

What motivates you to succeed?

I am motivated by a desire to perform well for my team, my family, and my community. I want the people around me to respect my decisions and look up to me as a model of success. If I ever feel like I’m giving less than my full effort, I stop and think about what my actions will mean for the people in my life. I believe in the ripple effect; every little action is like dropping a stone into the water, and there will be lots of smaller ripples that emanate off of that one action.

How do you think your business is unique?

Ashcroft Capital is unique in many ways, but one of the most significant differences between other real estate investment firms is our conservative approach with a long-term investment hold projection. We focus first on capital preservation while delivering strong monthly returns to our investors. We’re in this industry for the long term, and we don’t take on unnecessary risk to make a quick return.

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