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Prophet Kofi Danso on the Benefits of Going to Church

With as much as 40 percent of the U.S. population still attending weekly services, churches around the nation are not seeing a worrisome shortage of interest. In fact, it seems that most individuals are attempting to strengthen their connection with God slowly. Nevertheless, the question of whether attending a Sunday morning service is truly necessary still arises sometimes. To derive an appropriate answer, one should fully comprehend many benefits offered by church visits.

Lower Risk of Depression and Suicide

In 2010, JAMA Psychiatry completed a study of women who attended weekly church services starting in 1996. With 14 years’ worth of results, they found that these individuals were five times less likely to commit suicide. Even though there is no tangible way to determine the direct reason for this occurrence, many believe that church visits supplement them with hope.

Falling victim to depression is extremely common and does not discriminate against anyone. It is a byproduct of personal adversity mixed with a clear lack of actionable ideas. Going to church frequently, however, tends to put things into perspective. In other words, it may incentivize someone to approach their issues differently. This may even lead to a solution that improves the quality of life and, in turn, minimizes depression.

Healthier Life

This particular benefit tends to reside with older generations a little more. Obviously, going to church requires one to leave their home and make an effort to come to the services. Due to this, they are going to be more active on certain days. Although this type of activity is marginal for most people, it can be very impactful on the elderly. After all, any type of physical exercise, which includes walking, helps improve one’s health as it reduces their blood pressure, makes their muscles more engaged, and more.

Expressing Emotions

Internalizing emotions is probably the quickest way to fill the person’s heart with resentment towards multiple people or things. According to Prophet Kofi Danso, hiding one’s true feelings will increase the odds of facing depression. The reason why boils down to the ancient doctrine that “solving a problem requires one first to acknowledge it.” Well, avoiding one’s emotions are going to make it impossible to address the issues that caused them.

Going to church, however, is an experience characterized by the complete transparency of one’s spirit. Prophet Kofi Danso considers this to be a very important benefit as it opens people up to sincere feedback and tangible advice. For instance, seeing someone struggle and be emotionally impacted will make it easier to understand what they are dealing with in life.

Social Connections

One of the more common perks of going to weekly services revolves around the social connections that develop. Admittedly, a sacred ground like that of a church is meant to be used for bringing people closer to God. Simultaneously, however, it contributes to people making friends for life. This is because humans tend to thrive off of interactions with those around them. Additionally, being in the same church helps them find good conversation-starting topics that they share an interest in.

Opportunities to Give Back

Besides helping connect people on an individual basis, local churches also work tirelessly to give back to their community. This is done by organizing volunteering events, donating funds, offering food and shelter, and so on. Thus, people who go to church on a regular basis will be exposed to many opportunities to help those around them. In other words, they can rely on their facility to act as the middleman who will match their willingness to assist with someone’s need for aid.

Find the Meaning

The ultimate advantage of going to church comes down to the overall meaning of life. People who attend services often get asked questions that help evaluate one’s goals, achievements, and current ventures. Additionally, they are offered strategies that can make it easier to fulfill their long-term dreams. One such strategy revolves around making one question their existence and find the underlying meaning of their life.

And even though it may be impossible to answer the question mentioned above, it will instigate the type of critical thinking that helps one grow. It perpetuates positivity, reduces wishful thinking, and improves the approach to resolving problems. Eventually, all of these changes can lead to a noticeable enhancement of their quality of life!

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