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6 Ways Pocomos Pest Control CRM Software Can Help Bring Your Business Together

As a pest control company owner, it can be quite a challenge to stay on top of your business. Between finding time to organize your system, trying to get new clients, and overcoming competition, the work never seems to be done. You have a lot on your plate, and you can only choose your battles when it comes to managing your business.

Common problems of pest control business owners

Pest control business owners need a lot of data upkeep due to the nature of their work. Clients often work through them via a contract, and billing options may be different for each of them. Here are some of the most common problems that pest control company owners face:

#Missed schedules

Multiple clients mean that there are several schedules to follow. When you don’t have a system that allows you to check client schedules, you may end up missing a pest control appointment. It may lead to disgruntled customers.

#Inefficient data retrieval

Another problem for pest control company owners is ineffective data retrieval methods. As the client database grows, a spreadsheet sometimes isn’t enough. Sifting through names, addresses, schedules, and modes of payment can be a time-consuming process. It can also be challenging when back-up data is not available.

#Inefficient routing schedule

Pest control business owners may also waste time and resources by having inefficient routing schedules. Service vehicles may end up going back and forth when addresses are not coordinated, which results in wasted time and gas.

A solution to all these problems

Technology does wonders, not just in our personal lives but also to help us in our business. Did you know that there is a pest control CRM software available for company owners to utilize? One of the top innovators in this industry is Pocomos. If you want an all-around software that can help you manage business data in your pest control business, here are some reasons why you should consider Pocomos.

6 Ways Pocomos Pest Control CRM Software Can Help Bring Your Business Together

#Pocomos allows you to track sales

Pocomos is made by pest control business owners for pest control business owners. They understand the common problems that their follow owners face. This pest control CRM software allows you to track sales within a given time frame.

Some of the features include sales teams, custom sales reports, and sales goals. Whether you are marketing your services conventionally or digitally, you can use Pocomos to help keep track of all sales for financial records and trajectory assessment.

#Pocomos allows you to manage customer information

It can be frustrating when all your customer information is all over the place. Creating spreadsheets for your clients can sometimes be tedious, and single misplaced information can create ripples of error. Thus, you may want to consider organizing customer information within a single, user-friendly database.

Pocomos allows you to do just that. At a single click of a button, you can access a client’s information such as their name, contract length, address, service schedules, and payment schedules. Pocomos has a visual interface that allows you to place notes and reminders in case you need them as well.

#Pocomos allows you to optimize your route

As mentioned earlier, pest control business owners often waste time and resources when their clientele route is inefficient. Pocomos solves this problem by helping you find ways to optimize your route. Through the visual routing feature, you can arrange a day’s route to save gas and finish all the services on time.

The visual route feature contains a map where you can input your client’s address for easy tracking. After this, you can pin a destination and each client as a stopover to optimize the best route for your servicing team.

#Pocomos allows you to collect payment on-site

Another great feature of Pocomos is its on-site payment options. If delayed payments frustrate you, installing this CRM software will allow you to not only track sales but also bill credit cards, perform bank transfers, or obtain receivables.

Now, clients won’t have the excuse of missing payments, and you won’t have to deal with payment option issues as this all-in-one software can solve this problem.

#Track your business’ progress

Any business owner would want to have complete supervision of their business progress. For pest control business owners, these include tracking sales, productivity levels, and success of marketing campaigns. Pocomos allows you to see your office in real-time. It means you can monitor each department’s progress and keep a note of what needs improvement.

With these features, you are given assurance that you can manage your pest control company better. The convenience, streamlined, and automated processes that this CRM software brings is an investment as you push for your business’ growth.

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