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Canadian calamity

Canadian calamity

May 6, 2009
Comments on Roma refugees are ill-informed, misdirected and unfortunately have precedence The possibility that Canada might reinstate visas for Czech citizens resurfaced

The party’s over

February 26, 2009
After the initial euphoria, Kosovo faces an uncertain future One year ago this February, Kosovo’s Albanian government, with the support of the
Kazakh Czechs Altynbekova

Home stretch

October 31, 2007
Government completes 13-year program to integrate Kazakh Czechs Eleven years ago, Anatol Samek made a life-changing decision. Distraught by the declining living

Ace of Diamonds

July 11, 2007
A conversation with Lama Ole Nydahl By Bibiána Duhárová Prague blossomed in orange and red last month for a visit by the

Corruption busters

June 27, 2007
Interpol calls for training academy to fight organized crime By Thomas Land VIENNA The beleaguered judicial and law enforcement agencies of the

Putin’s story

October 18, 2006
The political assassination of journalist Anna Politkovskaya reveals Russia’s true state of affairs 0n Oct. 7, Putin’s birthday, Russian journalist and mother
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