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Gov’t rethinks state funding for sciences

The opinions expressed in this discussion do not necessarily represent those of The Prague Post. New hope for science and research in the Czech Republic with the new appointment of Professor Haňka Some Czech researchers complain about the lack of access to state funds. The recently appointed new head adviser for science and research, Professor… Keep Reading

Slovak book ban spurs controversy
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Region: Slovak book ban spurs controversy

Court blocks journalist’s publication on ‘Gorilla’ corruption scandal amid cries of censorship For the Slovak Spectator A Slovak court’s decision to block publication of an unfinished book about alleged high-level political corruption written by investigative journalist Tom Nicholson has been described by critics as censorship. A preliminary injunction issued in early February by the Bratislava… Keep Reading

Prague Pride
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Postview: Take no pride in the castle

Ever the contrarian, President Václav Klaus took the predictable yet illogical step of disparaging Prague’s first-ever gay pride event. In addition to placing himself in direct opposition to fun, this allows the president to trot out his usual rhetoric that concepts like human rights are some fictional creation. In vintage form, Klaus is defending the… Keep Reading

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Demographics will determine the day

Immigration from south to north is the only chance to curb aging in some societies By Pierre Buhler “Demography is destiny,” Auguste Comte is reported to have said. Today, his maxim appears to encapsulate the fate of a number of the world’s richest countries. Indeed, the United Nations Population Division’s recently released biennial World Population… Keep Reading

Joseph S. Nye
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The Future Of Power: More stick than carrot

Economic and military power are not the same thing, nor are they totally separate At the Cold War’s end, some pundits proclaimed that “geo-economics” had replaced geopolitics. Economic power would become the key to success in world politics, a change that many people thought would usher in a world dominated by Japan and Germany. Today,… Keep Reading

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Study: Religion dying out among Czechs

Religion will be ‘nearly extinct’ in Czech Republic by 2050 It seems especially cold that religion’s extinction would be predicted not by an impassioned atheist or a humanist weary of the aggression perpetrated in God’s name, but by a trio of physicists and mathematicians who are altogether neutral about what their study suggests. According to… Keep Reading

smoking ban
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Petition pushes for Czech smoking ban

Expert says MPs who vote against anti-smoking laws are either ‘stupid or corrupt’ About 300 benches around Prague are displaying posters in support of a campaign for smoke-free restaurants, a petition that has attracted more than 115,000 signatures to date. Campaigner Dr. Eva Králíková of the Center for Treatment of Tobacco Dependence at General Teaching… Keep Reading

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Germans are increasingly anti-democratic

Study finds one in 10 thinks ‘a dictatorship might be a better form of gov’t’ Founded as a political legacy of Germany’s first democratically elected president, the German nonprofit institution Friedrich Ebert Foundation places great emphasis on combating anti-democratic, racist and xenophobic tendencies. In its political education and advocacy work, a special project on combating… Keep Reading

virtual hostage
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Virtual hostage

Cyber terrorism and politically motivated computer crime are a big concern for the real world By Kent Anderson Our dependence on the Internet and technology demands we ask ourselves a question: What would be the impact on our lives if that technology was disrupted? Many people don’t realize the true scope of the information revolution… Keep Reading

Grbavica after war
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Remember Bosnia?

When was the last time you heard a European leader speak about Bosnia-Herzogovina? Well, today, the state that was created in 1995 on Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio held elections at a time that is as close to becoming failed-state as it has been since the brutal wars of the early 1990s. The 1995… Keep Reading

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