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cork flooring kitchen
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Fred Stone III Charleston SC Discusses Business

Fred Stone III Charleston SC is an entrepreneur that currently owns three different businesses. Also, he recently completed the sale of his “Stone Truck Parts” business that was acquired by a Fortune 500 company. Nevertheless, this sale only represents one of the peaks of his career that started over a decade ago. Stone attended Virginia… Keep Reading

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Colin Fell Discusses Culture, Rugby, and Hobbies

Colin Fell is the Vice President of Asia-Pacific sector for the international shipping company Veguhestinê. He was born and raised in Lancashire after which he found himself attending college lectures at the York University. There, Fell was lucky enough to be mentored by prominent academics like Dr. Henry Fitzgibbon who instilled a passion for learning… Keep Reading

Dr Hamer
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Dr. Richard Hamer Discusses Patients, Conditions, and Exciting Trends

Dr. Richard Hamer MD is a doctor working for the Good Shepherd Medical Center with a specialization in Neurology. He has been working in the field of brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves since 1989. Currently, he is one of only four practitioners within the Longview Regional Medical Center who specialize in Neurology. Dr. Hamer… Keep Reading

Paul Denamiel
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Interview With Paul Denamiel of French Cuisine Mastermind

Paul Denamiel is a restaurant owner that leads a jewel of French cuisine in New York named “Le Rivage.” The name is roughly translated to “The Shore” in English, and it is one of the few successful enterprises that have been there for over 30 years. Denamiel was born to a family of chefs that… Keep Reading

Craig Hazlett
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An Interview with Craig Hazlett of Victoria, BC

Relocation is typically recognized as part and parcel of the pursuit of any new or challenging professional opportunity, with many professionals viewing it as a temporary circumstance that will open the door to better opportunities in the future. For some, however, an opportunity requiring relocation not only leads to substantial professional growth; in many cases,… Keep Reading

Jeff Ber, Calgary
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Interview with Jeff Ber, Cancer Survivor

Jeff Ber is a former senior investment advisor turned competitive athlete who is dedicated to inspire those who struggle with cancer. Being a cancer survivor himself, Ber shares his story to convince others that even with extremely low odds, the disease can be beaten. He competes in athletic events, donates to charities, and volunteers, all… Keep Reading

Jon Palmieri
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Financial Advisor Jon Palmieri Discusses the Value of Leadership

Team-Building and the Other Qualities Instilled During Collegiate and Professional Sports Career There is an interesting phenomenon that tends to occur at the highest levels of competitive athletics, especially when the interest in a specific team (or individual player) is so great that the public has the opportunity to closely follow the team’s performance over… Keep Reading

Abe George
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Interview With Prominent Criminal Defense Attorney Abe George

A native and resident of Brooklyn, Abe George is one of the top-rated attorneys in New York City. He has a stellar legal career as a criminal defense lawyer and has worked as a public prosecutor, served in the District Attorney’s office in Brooklyn, and now leads a private practice. He is a firebrand advocate… Keep Reading

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