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Neil Sullivan Explains How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Achieving a proper work-life balance can be a difficult proposition. While a person’s career needs to command their attention, it is crucial to take time away from work to relax. Unfortunately, the demands of full-time work often mean that people are expected to use their personal time on work tasks. Finding balance in this area… Keep Reading

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Jeff Yapp on the Power of Digital Marketing

The digital world has entirely transformed the marketing business. Businesses no longer rely on print, television, and radio advertisements to build their portfolio. Most people carry a smartphone in their pockets, meaning that they are reachable at any time. Jeff Yapp, Founder and CEO of Wutznxt examines how the changes in the digital marketplace have… Keep Reading

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Avi Horowitz Explains the Future Potential of Sensor Technology and XR

Sensor technology has the potential to transform how we interact with the world radically. Today, smart devices carry sensors which can triangulate the device’s location in three dimensions. Producing augmented/mixed reality based on these data points allows people to interact with the world in entirely new ways. Avi Horowitz, a futurist entrepreneur, explains the concepts… Keep Reading

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David Simonini Breaks Down the Latest Developments in Interior Design

Recent trends in interior design have made it possible for homeowners to express themselves through window and wall coverings, furniture, and art pieces. David Simonini, a consultant and advisor to the Simonini Group, details these new trends. He recommends easy and inexpensive changes that any homeowner can make to enhance their home’s comfort, style, and… Keep Reading

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