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oil drill pump
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Azim Lakhoo Breaks Down Canada’s Rich History of Oil Production

Canada’s oil industry makes a large contribution to the country’s economy. With rich natural sources of crude oil and natural gas, Canada is the sixth largest energy producer in the world, the eighth largest consumer, and the fifth largest net exporter of all sources of energy combined. The Canadian oil industry grew and developed alongside… Keep Reading

brain questions
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Dr. Manjunath Nathan from the Arizona Medical Center: Dementia Overview

According to the latest findings, an estimated four to five million people in the United States have dementia. Luckily, this number has slowly been dropping as medicine progresses and new treatment methods are discovered. Regardless, the quantity of people affected by the condition is still very high. So, what are some of the most important… Keep Reading

Colby Lee Burke
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Colby Lee Burke on Travel Writing

Colby Lee Burke is a popular travel writer based in Charleston, South Carolina and Portland, Oregon. He found his voice as a travel writer at the University of Oregon when he traveled abroad to study art history and literature in Florence. When he returned from his journey, he wrote several pieces for his college newspaper.… Keep Reading

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Dr. Jose Rios and the Safety of Vaccines

As one of the most popular topics in the world, vaccines have been at the center of public debates for years. On one side, a large number of people see them as very dangerous with no significant benefits whatsoever. Then again, the majority of people still believe that vaccines are extremely important when it comes… Keep Reading

Martin Mbeteni
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Martin Mbeteni on the State of Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment has many different facets. From encouraging people to start small businesses to improving working conditions, the different aspects of empowerment are important factors in keeping the economy moving forward. Martin Mbeteni, a commercial real estate banker, examines economic empowerment in detail, giving examples of shifts in the global market that have led to… Keep Reading

Brandon Oda
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Brandon Oda Discusses Travel Photography

Outside the famous 14 hills and amazing cityscape, the city of San Francisco has a special side denoted by Word Class art galleries, museums, and historical sites. One of its sons, Brandon Oda, is making huge waves in the travel photography and software engineering circles. Brandon specializes in portrait, landscape and sunset photography. Some of… Keep Reading

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Soul Quest Ayahuasca Shares Plant Medicines from Around the World

Around the world, plants are being used as medicine. Many countries have been practicing plant medicine for thousands of years. Different combinations of plants are used together to combat a variety of ailments. Herbal treatments have a rich tradition and history that predate the growth of Western medicine. Plant medicine forms the basis of many… Keep Reading

Europe map
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Bay Tree Solutions Shares the Most Unusual Timeshare Countries

Timeshare properties have slowly grown to be one of the most common, shared-interest investments used for vacations. For those unfamiliar, these are owned by multiple people who agree to use them at specific times. Hence the name based on “time” and “sharing.” Given the upward-sloping curve when it comes to globalization, now is the perfect… Keep Reading

Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles
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Why Manor Lake Australian Labradoodles Recommend the Breed for Your Next Pet

The Australian Labradoodle is a hybrid breed that started with combining the best of the Labrador Retriever, Standard Poodle, Irish Water Spaniel, and the American and English Cocker Spaniels. Australian Labradoodles were established in Australia over 35 years ago with the goal being guide-dog-like temperament and allergy-asthma-friendly with low to no shedding. Charming, friendly, and… Keep Reading

Kofi Danso
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Prophet Kofi Danso on the Benefits of Going to Church

With as much as 40 percent of the U.S. population still attending weekly services, churches around the nation are not seeing a worrisome shortage of interest. In fact, it seems that most individuals are attempting to strengthen their connection with God slowly. Nevertheless, the question of whether attending a Sunday morning service is truly necessary… Keep Reading

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