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JesBro-Lawyers of Distinction
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Lawyers of Distinction’s Jesse Brodsky Talks About the Company

Jesse Brodsky is the head of membership services at Lawyers of Distinction. As the leader for on-going enrollment, he assures that new members are steadily accepted. Consequently, he helped the organization spread across the nation. Currently, the nomination-based process for applying is only available to extraordinary lawyers. Those who get accepted will enjoy the privileges… Keep Reading

Eugene Houchins
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Eugene Houchins Discusses Work-Life Balance, Investing, and Technology

Eugene Houchins is an experienced insurance broker and life settlement investment executive currently serving as Founder and President of the American Life Fund Corp. With many years of prior experience in the field of engineering, he has achieved a great deal of success when it comes to working with clients, all with varying backgrounds and… Keep Reading

James A. Regas
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James A. Regas Reminds Us Why Cultural Diversity Matters

James A. Regas is a former attorney who, over the past 60 years, has successfully undertaken various civic and religious endeavors on behalf of the Greek community of Chicago. Before becoming a lawyer, he graduated from the University of Illinois where he enrolled at the age of 16. Subsequently, he earned a Juris Doctorate degree… Keep Reading

Steven Nguyen DDS Dentist Arizona
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Steven Nguyen DDS, Arizona Dentist Explains High Costs of Dentists

Steven Nguyen DDS is a dentist in Arizona and a Doctor of Dental Surgery in Mesa. Since the start of his career, he has dedicated himself to creating the most effective and affordable treatments for each of his patients. By continually learning the new standards and trends in the dental world, he further strives to… Keep Reading

Chantel Grant
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An Interview with GM Law Firm Senior Partner Chantel Grant

In the U.S. and across much of the world, the problem of financial hardship and debt has hit epidemic levels, with the fight to protect the rights of those in debt proving to be the most difficult to take on for any law firm. The GM Law Firm has spent its history battling to protect… Keep Reading

Arian Azarbar
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Arian Azarbar Talks Real Estate, Travel, and Hobbies

Arian Azarbar is a real estate expert whose success helped him cross many international borders in pursuit of greater goals. To date, his name is noted on more than 10,000 homes that have been built by implementing light-steel and cellulose cement which exponentially reduce the costs of construction. This contributes to the residential affordability that… Keep Reading

Dr. Zeshan Hyder
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Dr. Zeshan Hyder Discusses Research, Patient Care, and Treatment Methods

Dr. Zeshan Hyder is an orthopedic surgeon who currently runs three patient-care offices across the state of Indiana. He graduated from the University of Illinois where his outstanding efforts were rewarded with the prominent mark of “Cum Laude.” His name is often associated with peer-reviewed articles that discuss anything from arthroplasty to spinal surgery. Additionally,… Keep Reading

Morais Dicks
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Morais Dicks on Entrepreneurial Spirit

Morais Dicks is a real estate investor from Valley Stream, New York. Having watched his father achieve success with the family engineering company, he became interested in the field of entrepreneurship at an early age. A father of three, Morais is a seasoned real estate investor. He strives to exemplify how it pays off to… Keep Reading

Melanie Werner
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Interview with Melanie Werner of Galerie Werner

Melanie Werner is a renowned curator at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort: a family owned art collection house located in Farmington, PA. Her duties entail collecting and managing over 700 paintings, sculptures, and objects. She also directs the Nemacolin Art Studio and Nemacolin Gallery. Melanie is also a well-known personality in the skin care industry, having invented… Keep Reading

Tara Dewey
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Tara Dewey on Work and Travel

Tara Dewey is a successful business analyst from Clifton Park, New York. Growing up, she discovered an early interest in problem-solving and helped others achieve their goals. Besides working with individuals and companies on creating their way to success, she loves traveling and is continuously in search of new hacks for uncovering new destinations while… Keep Reading

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