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Craig Hazlett
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An Interview with Craig Hazlett of Victoria, BC

Relocation is typically recognized as part and parcel of the pursuit of any new or challenging professional opportunity, with many professionals viewing it as a temporary circumstance that will open the door to better opportunities in the future. For some, however, an opportunity requiring relocation not only leads to substantial professional growth; in many cases,… Keep Reading

Jeff Ber, Calgary
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Interview with Jeff Ber, Cancer Survivor

Jeff Ber is a former senior investment advisor turned competitive athlete who is dedicated to inspire those who struggle with cancer. Being a cancer survivor himself, Ber shares his story to convince others that even with extremely low odds, the disease can be beaten. He competes in athletic events, donates to charities, and volunteers, all… Keep Reading

Jon Palmieri
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Financial Advisor Jon Palmieri Discusses the Value of Leadership

Team-Building and the Other Qualities Instilled During Collegiate and Professional Sports Career There is an interesting phenomenon that tends to occur at the highest levels of competitive athletics, especially when the interest in a specific team (or individual player) is so great that the public has the opportunity to closely follow the team’s performance over… Keep Reading

Abe George
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Interview With Prominent Criminal Defense Attorney Abe George

A native and resident of Brooklyn, Abe George is one of the top-rated attorneys in New York City. He has a stellar legal career as a criminal defense lawyer and has worked as a public prosecutor, served in the District Attorney’s office in Brooklyn, and now leads a private practice. He is a firebrand advocate… Keep Reading

Syrian refugee boy
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When Roses Turn to Guns, Where’s the Hope?

18-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Exposes the Syrian Story, One Photograph at a Time.   By Olivia Nemec   Nearly seven years after the revolution against President Bashar al-Assad’s Regime began in Daraa, Syria, some members of the opposition fear whether their civil uprising still stands a fighting chance in what has become one of the deadliest… Keep Reading

Aaron Minc
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Aaron Minc on the Stark Differences in US and EU Internet Privacy Law

In just a relatively brief period of time, the internet has become such a central component of people’s daily lives that the United Nations declared that access to the internet is a fundamental human right. The speed at which the internet has become an inexorable part of daily life has made it difficult to consider… Keep Reading

Bill Browder
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An Interview with Bill Browder: A Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice

Legendary investor and now human rights campaigner, Bill Browder, discusses his future plans and shares his views on how the Czech Republic can promote greater human rights in Russia. For those less familiar with the Browder story, William ‘Bill’ Browder, founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, was until 2005 the largest foreign investor in… Keep Reading

Genetic research extended lifespans
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Genetic research and extended lifespans

Test cases in mice and other animals may prove same is possible for humans By Cynthia Kenyon Even if young people think they are immortal, they can’t help but notice how fast their pets age. The puppy we receive as a child is old by the time we reach adulthood. Why do we live longer… Keep Reading

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