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Proposed EU constitution forces choice between integration and independence
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Rough draft

Proposed EU constitution forces choice between integration and independence It is as though Valery Giscard D’Estaing has just awakened from a long nap. The renowned French statesman tapped to oversee the drafting of a constitution for the European Union has presided over the creation of a document that has virtually no chance of being ratified… Keep Reading

Nato 2
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A future for NATO Part 2

Obsolete alliance now a tool of United States Czech, Polish and Hungarian NATO loyalists must be feeling rather uneasy these days. Their single-minded 1990s drive for NATO membership for themselves and by extension for all the rest of the former Soviet satellites of the region was supposed to provide protection from Russia for all eternity.… Keep Reading

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A future for NATO Part 1

Allies can fight terrorism Can NATO play a role in the struggle against international terrorism? Will the Atlantic alliance be able to defend our safety and security in a radically altered strategic environment? Can the old dog learn new tricks? This week, NATO heads of state and government will answer these questions with an unequivocal… Keep Reading

Sarajevo bridge
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Ridding down Sniper’s Alley

From downtown Sarajevo, we took tram 3 with our friend Haris, a war veteran who now works for the Oslobodjenje newspaper. He wanted to show us the building where the newspaper was published during the war. The tram took us down Zmaja od Bosne Street, dubbed “Sniper’s Alley” during the war because snipers used to… Keep Reading

czechia flag
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“Left Bank” yields first dividends

One of the more persistent cliches concerning post-communist Prague calls it the “Left Bank of the ’90s,” as if its pubs and cafes were dry tinderboxes of aspiring writers just waiting for an inspirational spark. Accurate or no, this comparison with Paris of the ’20s and ’30s has added a glow of romance to the… Keep Reading

Richard Katrovas
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Richard Katrovas: A Bard Bears Witness To A Velvet Revolution

Richard Page Harris, Jr., was 10 and living in a Virginia housing project when he first heard a radio broadcast about the place where he would plant seed and verse: “Checkosowhatchamacallit sounded like a terrible place to live – worse even than public housing in Newport News. The word looked like a disease and being… Keep Reading

Shirley Temple Black
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Three extraordinary years for Temple Black

It seems that the moment Shirley Temple Black sets foot on Czechoslovak soil, things start to happen. In 1968, she was here when Warsaw Pact tanks rolled into the country and troops fired on civilians.┬áIn 1989, she was named U.S. ambassador just before the November revolution. In 1992, she listened as the nation discussed ways… Keep Reading

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