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Do Europeans Really Fear Migrants?

In places where the rhetoric surrounding immigration flies off the handle, as in the UK, perceptions are sometimes grossly distorted LONDON – Far-right parties are set to make substantial gains in the upcoming European Parliament election. Though analysts differ on whether this populist wave is fleeting, whether it will seriously harm European Union policymaking, and… Keep Reading

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Migration on the Move

‘International law requires that the human rights of all migrants, whatever their status, are respected’ LONDON – In 2000, the United Nations established the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to drive progress on important development objectives, such as reducing poverty, promoting gender equality, and curbing disease. But the architects of the MDGs neglected one critical issue:… Keep Reading

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Putin’s Kampf

‘Putin regards the breakup of the Soviet Union as the greatest catastrophe of modern times, and he has sought relentlessly to refashion Russia’s lost empire’ BRUSSELS – Russia’s seizure of Crimea is the most naked example of peacetime aggression that Europe has witnessed since Nazi Germany invaded the Sudetenland in 1938. It may be fashionable… Keep Reading

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MSNBC puts Czechoslovakia back on map

Czech Republic remains a mystery to news networks, social media There is nothing like a crisis in Europe to show how little the American news media knows about even the basics of Europe. Cable news channel MSNBC has aired a map of Eastern Europe showing Czechoslovakia sharing a border with troubled Ukraine. Czechoslovakia hasn’t existed… Keep Reading

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A Statue for Stalin?

Stalin was responsible for the deaths of very large numbers of civilians, outside any war or military campaign PRINCETON — Hitler and Stalin were ruthless dictators who committed murder on a vast scale. But, while it is impossible to imagine a Hitler statue in Berlin, or anywhere else in Germany, statues of Stalin have been… Keep Reading

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Delusional Germany

A long-term look shows that the picture of Germany’s economy is not that rosy by Marcel Fratzscher BERLIN— In recent days, Germany’s representative on the European Central Bank’s governing council has expressed strong disagreement with the ECB’s decision on November 7 to cut its benchmark interest rate. Now the European Commission has opened an investigation… Keep Reading

Asian century
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The Asian century

America must remove its blinders to prepare for loss of global dominance By Kishore Mahbubani The era of American dominance in international affairs may well be coming to an end. As that moment approaches, the main question will be how well the United States is prepared for it. Asia’s rise over the past few decades… Keep Reading

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The new world’s New Development Bank

BRICS has seen enormous economic success since its inception, continues to grow By Nicholas Stern, Joseph E. Stiglitz, Amar Bhattacharya, and Mattia Romani At the conclusion of their summit in Durban in March, the leaders of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) announced their intention to establish a New Development Bank… Keep Reading

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The global variety show of financial regulators

Push for oversight slows to a crawl after an incoherent dance In the early phases of the financial crisis, it was fashionable to argue that the United States’ system of regulation needed a fundamental structural overhaul. Differences of opinion between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) had obstructed… Keep Reading

information age
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The politics of the information age

Revolutions of Arab world will unfold over many decades, not a few seasons or years By Joseph S. Nye The second anniversary of the “Arab Spring” in Egypt was marked by riots on Tahrir Square that made many observers fear their optimistic projections in 2011 had been dashed. Part of the problem is that expectations… Keep Reading

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