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Chase Rubin
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Chase Rubin Discusses Investing and Finance

Now living and working in New York City, Chase Rubin felt he had a calling towards mathematics and financial wizardry from his years in high school which continued as he moved into his college years. Although he enjoyed the arts as a student the lure of math and science-based interests proved to be the greatest… Keep Reading

Jimmy Stice
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Kalu Yala Bad News, Read This First!

Kalu Yala is a sustainability project located in Panama. It is based on creating a village that will operate by using natural resources. Additionally, all of the necessities for the locals are provided by the rainforest that surrounds the village. The primary workforce comes from hundreds of summer interns who participate every year. Young adults… Keep Reading

Peeran Sandhu
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Peeran Sandhu Talks About Career In The Field Of Medicine

Peeran Sandhu is a graduate of Akademia Medyczna where he obtained his degree in 2004. His specialty is hematology as well as oncology where he has countless patients that keep him occupied. Presently, he is employed by the Tammy Walker Cancer Center but has previous affiliations with the Salina Regional Health Center. Given that his… Keep Reading

Dev Joshi JMD Furniture
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JMD Furniture and Dev Joshi on Business

Dev Joshi is the owner of JMD Furniture stores currently located in Maryland and Virginia. He started his company to build foundations for a family-owned empire. Over 15 years later, he now holds one of the fastest-growing enterprises in the furniture market. Besides experience, Dev Joshi increased competitive advantage by employing his family members. In… Keep Reading

Sam Tenorio III
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Sam Tenorio III Simplifies the Complicated World of Data Centers

Sam Tenorio III is a senior account manager, based in Austin, Texas. Inspired by a friend’s suggestion almost ten years ago, Sam changed his career from financial services to the IT industry and became successful in a short period of time. As a member of the General Datatech’s sales team and more specifically “Team Tenorio,”… Keep Reading

Benjamin Bosco
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Benjamin Bosco Discusses Academics and Sports

Benjamin Bosco is a student at the University of Connecticut where he studies business. He currently also works as an assistant in the IT help center. Additionally, he is a member of the Burlington Tennis Club where he started playing in 2017. Outside of his in-class achievements, Benjamin Bosco also participated in multiple competitions. The… Keep Reading

Patrick Rhoten
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Interview with Neurological Surgeon Dr. Patrick Rhoten

Dr. Patrick Rhoten is a neurological surgeon who currently resides in San Diego. He graduated from Texas Technological University’s School of Medicine in 1991 after which he completed his residency at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in 1997. Having performed some additional academic endeavors, he opened a private practice in 1998 and co-founded the Institute of… Keep Reading

Amusement Park
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Joshua Macaroni Opens Up About the Amusement Park Business

In the world of amusement parks, adrenaline chasing is not just a hobby but a way of life. Those who enjoy roller coasters, speedy rides and other daredevil-like activities can often be seen going beyond any limitations of fear. One individual that knows this all too well is Joshua Macaroni. Currently residing in Florida, he… Keep Reading

charity donation immigration
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Interesting Facts About Charity To Inspire You

There is nothing quite like lending a helping hand to those in need. While you might not always be able to engage with acts of charity, making a bit of time in your schedule for this activity can be rewarding. According to many studies conducted over the years, becoming a charitable person actually works to… Keep Reading

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