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Richard Zahn
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Richard Zahn Discusses Investing and Construction

Richard Zahn is a private investor that has been involved with many construction projects. In the past, he served as a Chief Executive Officer for the ZMG Construction after completing 12 years of service for the 245th Psyops Airborne CO. Special Operations Command of the U.S. Army. Having studied an MBA degree from Mendoza College… Keep Reading

Jim Gillingham
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A Conversation with Jim Gillingham on Green Construction

Jim Gillingham is a construction expert that has been in this industry for more than 95 percent of his peers. His earliest projects date 50 years ago which is a number that only a small fraction of all professionals in the world can ever put next to the length of their career. Having been active… Keep Reading

Francis Smookler
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A Conversation with Francis Smookler on Investment Banking

Francis Smookler was an investment banker from New York. Having been in this service line from 1997 to 2017, he is one of the most experienced professionals that can be found within this region. Smookler is guided by his dedication to providing high-quality services to those within his wide network of clients. Another notable skill… Keep Reading

Alfred Tobin
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Alfred Tobin on Philanthropism, Sports, and New York City

Alfred Tobin is one of New York City’s most dynamic residents, as the longtime insurance broker is known as an adventurous globetrotter, a dedicated philanthropist, and an enthusiastic outdoorsman. As the Executive Vice President at Alliant Insurance Services, Alfred Tobin devotes much of his free time to running, hiking, or skiing, and, on a warm… Keep Reading

Dr. Advaita Manohar, Woodbridge-Toronto
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An Interview with Dr. Advaita Manohar

Dr. Advaita Manohar is an expert on family and community medicine where he helps his patients with many illness prevention modalities. He also works as a part-time consultant in cosmetic medicine providing minor surgical procedures. After earning his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the City University of New York, Dr. Advaita Manohar went on… Keep Reading

Kelle Wood Rich Central Texas Autism Center
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Interview With Kelle Wood Rich, Founder Of Central Texas Autism Center

Kelle Wood Rich is the founder, owner and executive director of the Central Texas Autism Center (CTAC), the first Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy center in Central Texas. Through her lifelong passion for working with children and adults with Autism, Rich has developed an impressive track record. She has her Master’s degree in education, is… Keep Reading

Eric Lanz
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Eric Lanz Discusses His Career, Trends, and Business

Eric Lanz is a Certified Public Accountant currently working as a consultant for numerous, multi-million dollar organizations as well as managing his own firm, Lanz Consulting Solutions. Previously, he held vice president and senior vice president positions where he worked on projects that exceeded hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue streams. Mr. Lanz went… Keep Reading

Adrian Rubin
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Adrian Rubin on Creative Direction

Adrian Rubin is a native New Yorker that currently resides in Brooklyn and works as a creative director. Born in Beacon, he grew up in the Dutchess County before moving for work. Most of his current projects operate on a freelancing-basis as he continues working with old clients. In his youth, Adrian Rubin often expressed… Keep Reading

Raymond Falite Wakefield Boston
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Raymond Falite Talks Hobbies and Travels

Raymond Falite is a co-founder of a prominent heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) business. Together with his brother, he started the company over four decades ago, and it presently employs 45 people. Most of their success came from steady growth that took a lot of hard work and dedication. By providing high-quality services and… Keep Reading

Dr. Dan Calva
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Interview With Dr. Daniel Calva On Superior Methods Of Breast Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Daniel Calva is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures as well as complex head-to-toe reconstruction. Dr. Calva is known in part for the breast reconstructive surgeries he completes for patients using a fat/tissue grafting procedure rather than implants. Dr. Calva received his undergraduate degree from Georgetown University, where… Keep Reading

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